Live in the present🤔

How much worth is the so-called Internet’s bits of Advice?

Are they helping you or confusing you?

Since most of them are not practicable…Then what is the use of these thoughts, my friend?

Everybody is immersed in their own problems and are struggling hard to come out of their dissatisfaction and resulting unhappiness.

Why don’t you accept this fact and carry on as usual?

“The internet is a dangerous place. If you are not careful it will consume you and rob you of your happiness. It can make you angry, jealous, hostile, bitter and lead to the eventual loss of enthusiasm for living your best life. Be wary and avoid overconsumption.”
Germany Kent

Do you really need these pieces of advice?

Don’t you feel that these types of thoughts add insult to your injury?

Are not most of the problems are your own making?

And the irony is, you are the only person and you can be the only person to face these problems and come out successfully to the best of your ability.

Is it not so?

Is there any necessity for you to read or listen and try to follow such advice?

And there are thousands of similar useless advice floating and available freely.


“Never think hard about the past…it brings tears, don’t think more about the future, it brings fears. Live this moment with a smile, it brings cheers” Unknown 

Lovely rhyming…tears, fears and cheers! Wow!

At first, this looks very pleasant to read and energetic to follow.

You are excited and start wondering why you never lived in the present!

My friend, this feeling of yours is more dangerous because you think there is no need to worry about past or future… a sort of hara-kiri.

Dear friend, whether you like it or not every moment of your existence… you are in the ‘present’ only and no need to further stress this ‘PRESENT’

My thoughts-


How can we forget our past or past events, be good or bad? If the events are good-nothing wrong with recollecting and feeling happy.

If the events are bad…maybe time to retrospect.

Why should one be denied of thinking of the past?


Now let us come to thoughts on the future.

Let us be realistic my friend.

‘Future’ is nothing but our HOPES. Why should one refuse to think of the future?

My friend if at all we continue to live despite all the hurdles we are facing…the only reason being our ‘hopes’ which sustain us to move forward.


Everyone is aware of  ‘present moments’ and no need to remind the same.

Because of the ‘present moment,’ everybody can plan their ‘future’ based on their ‘past’ experiences.

All of us are being alive at this moment. That is why I am writing this piece and you read it when you make your ‘presence’ to read the same.

This is the truth at this moment.

All of us already living in the ‘present moment’ and are attending to our specified jobs and responsibilities.

Depending on your mood at this particular ‘PRESNT MOMENT” either you are happy or unhappy, excited or drained, hot or cool….

Is it not so?

Then why go on gloating repeatedly about-‘Live in the present’ philosophy?


“As long as we have MEMORIES, Yesterday remains,

And as long as we have ‘HOPE’ tomorrow awaits”  Unknown

Time is ripe for you to Change your view on  ‘LIVE IN PRESENT’

Feel free to express your thoughts.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels

2 thoughts on “Live in the present🤔

  1. “Don’t you feel that these types of thoughts add insult to your injury?”

    The vast majority of the time, the people hating this sort of advice are the one struggling hardest against resolving their problems. Victimhood is absolution from responsibility to some.

    Liked by 1 person

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