The moment somebody talks of ‘glow’, our thoughts jump towards ‘LIGHT’

Now it’s time to remember something about ‘Light’

“There are two kinds of light, the ‘Glow’ that illuminates and the ‘Glare’ that obscures” James Thurber

What is Glow?

I am stressing the term ‘Glow’ in an individual’s life.

I mean- the glow of a person’s face when it’s shining and flushed with happiness.

Any idea what glow-getter is?

Of course, I am not talking about the ‘glow product’ by the name ‘Fountain’ (the manufacturer claims it is the beauty molecule!) or any other beauty enhancing products to get that shine on the face.

The illuminators need not be just related to the beauty enhancing products.

And each person may emanate a different glow at different times

Some examples are

  • Love glow
  • Gift glow
  • Food glow
  • Alcohol glow
  • Substances of abuse glow
  • Glow of pride
  • Achievement glow

And I can go on and on…

But I am talking of the glow-getters of a different kind

Glow-getter is said to be for the girls.

My guess is anybody can possess this quality.

Glow-getter is a driven, busy gal, who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful GLOW both inside and out.

I know that all you people out there in the WordPress blogosphere are glow-getters.


And the context of the above photo?

You can see that beautiful Mother Nature’s orange-golden glow as the Sun is setting.

Even if one is not willing to be a glow-getter, at least one can watch the  Nature’s Beautiful glow such that one is sure to get peace of mind resulting in a Natural Glow on the face! +  Vitamin D which keeps one’s skin glowing!

Mind you this glow costs you, altogether Zero Dollars.


If you are not a glow getter it’s OK.

There is an easy way of getting that spontaneous glow on your face.

“When you are grateful, an invisible blanket of the peace covers you, it makes you glow, it makes you happy, strong and warm. Gratitude puts the mind at ease, about everything around” Om Swami

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky Photo challenge

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      1. LOL many “glow-getters” unite on WordPress. Blogging is fun and I had no idea I would join a community when I started! It’s awesome.

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