Guiding or Misguiding?

We all love popular advice.


  • Because they give us the much-needed boost
  • They give you the so-called pleasant mood
  • They also comfort us
  • You are in a position to decide and plan your future course of action
  • You improve your ability towards proper judgment.

There are many popular pieces of advice, but I shall discuss the three most common ones.

I am hoping to convince you that you are getting trapped if you love to entertain these piece of advice.

1.Keep Smiling (In other words show to the world that you are happy always)

Do you remember Bob Marley’s song ‘Don’t worry, be happy?

Happiness is a kind of Magnet, and we get attracted.

You are used to believing that ‘Happiness’ is achieved when you get things what you wished for and one can see the smile on your faces.

How long the happiness stays? One minute, one day, one month, one year or throughout your life?

The demand for happiness is never-ending. AND the irony is, you can’t be happy all the time, since your wishes are unending.

Just know that

1.You can not control your thoughts, created at the time of unpleasant happenings in your life.

2.You can’t pretend to be happy when the results are not as per your plans.

3.Whatever happens to you for whatever reason….You & I know that it’s only time being and life goes on with newer challenges to face.

4.When you are unhappy, consciously( outer world) you may give broad smile to others, but you can’t defeat the very thought of unhappiness, since discontent at the subconscious ( inner world ) level is waiting to exploit the situation to further your sadness…

5.Happily ever after happens only in ‘Fairy tales’.

6.‘Smiling’- tricks your brain into a false ‘happy mood’.

What is the truth about smiling?

My friend, there is nothing to smile in your life, since life is more of tragedy than comedy. Just bear with your life. Life is mystic.

“Sick of crying
Tired of trying
Yeah I’m smiling
But inside I’m dying” Unknown


My take is ….. If you are Unhappy, Accept it, bear it and simply move on, rather than keeping the Fake Smile or acting brave etc.

2.Think Positively (in other words Lift yourself)

My friend, believe me, if I say it’s a Myth.

It is the single most influencing stuff, storming the entire world and 21-century theme of the ‘Be happy’ model.

Think positively – is a kind of ‘Reassuring’ yourself that nothing is going to be wrong and the problems get solved themselves.

My dear friend, Nothing more dangerous than this attitude.

Remember your problem is yours alone, it is going to be there, and mere positive thinking not going to help and you alone have to solve the problem to get peace of mind.

“The thing that upsets people is not so much what happens, but what they think about what happens” Epictetus

So your mindset is more powerful than the routine ‘Be positive’ psyche.

It is OK not to be positive at times, since the situation you are facing does not necessarily end in happiness.


“Instead of ‘positive thinking’ make ‘practical thinking” Unknown

If you have time and patience you can go through this link and realize why positive thinking is a waste of time ………  Don’t miss reading. Steve Neale talks about The Myth Of Positive Thinking And The Universe

3.Follow Your passion (In other words be prepared to eat garbage)

Of course, you are aware of all those self-help Gurus, giving free advice of ‘follow your passion’.

My friend, this is the worst possible advice Anyone can give or anyone can receive.


‘Passion’ is not a planned program.

It’s just a feeling.

And you know pretty well, feelings can change overnight!

Yes. I am serious.

  • you can be passionate about a person one day or a hobby on another day or you may lose interest in your passion over time or you are bored at one stage.
  • Anything can happen other than your passion being fulfilled.
  • Passion is not something that one finds, passion is something that is to be developed.
  • The worst thing is imposing your passion on your children.
  • Remember being passionate about something does not mean that you are an expert in that field.
  • Passion is temporary energy lasting for a short time.
  • Passion starts as fun or a hobby and soon dies down since you have other priorities to attend to.
  • Passion can limit your choices and your talents waiting to be exploited.
  • Sadly you may not even know what your passion is!
  • While pursuing your passion, you may realize the enormous limitations you face and you may sigh “If only I knew what it was”

Passion vs Purpose

‘Passion’ is connected to your emotions.

‘Purpose is the reason you do what you love to do.

Purpose gives your life a direction and makes you focused.

With purpose in mind, you are benefitted personally and also helpful to society unlike in passion where things are self-centred.


You start with a ‘Purpose’ and then develop your ‘passion’ for that purpose.

Both you and the society can enjoy the fruit produced out of your purpose through your profession (in which you developed passion)

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession” Gabrielle Bernstein

Please share your views

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

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