There is divinity in the clouds

“When we feel stuck, look at the sky. The clouds remind us that everything changes” Unknown


Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

This is part of Hammad Rais’s Weekend Sky photo challenge

  15 comments for “There is divinity in the clouds

  1. August 2, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    Indeed 💨

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  2. August 3, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    Divine. ♥️🙏🏻

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  3. spiritualfantasia
    August 5, 2021 at 11:52 am

    Yes…. and to see the specialness of each moment for it will never stay the same ❤

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    • August 5, 2021 at 2:21 pm

      It’s a new world every second!

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      • spiritualfantasia
        August 6, 2021 at 1:21 pm

        Yeah! So many little and big things perfectly aligned and conspired for this very moment we have right now! How cool and special and unique!

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        • August 7, 2021 at 10:02 am

          I wish all of us follow this simple but effective policy!
          Sadly we all immersed in solving problems of daily life, which is ironically our own made!

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          • spiritualfantasia
            August 7, 2021 at 12:02 pm

            🙂 if we made them, i hope that means we have the power to change them too. yes, i realized today that my mind likes to problem-solve so much that when there is no problem in, it will worry and create a problem. 🤣mindfulness helps to see this! have a good day, my friend!

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  4. August 28, 2021 at 5:31 pm

    Yes, the clouds do remind me this a lot.
    Thank you very much for sharing this amazing sky capture with my challenge 🙂

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