Take care of your skin than cover it up with makeup

” Be good to your skin, you will wear it everyday for the rest of your life”. Unknown

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What is Loofah?

Loofah (loofas) is a shower accessory used for getting clean while rubbing on the body along with soap solution…

These loofahs have course and spongy consistency with a feel-good factor, as you clean your body.

I am not sure whether it’s still popular these days.

How important is skincare?

“Take care of your skin and your confidence will take care of itself.”
Amit Kalantri

Loofahs are made up of…

It can be synthetic fibres are natural (from Luffa gourds)

The Luffa gourd plants are commonly found in Japan

And advantages of body scrubbing…

✔Along with the soap solutions, it helps to cleanse your skin.

✔Helps in exfoliating (removing the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin) the skin on your body and face.

✔Stimulates the blood circulation

✔Skin appears shiny

✔You feel rejuvenated after the shower

How safe is Loofah?

Usage of loofah has some hidden risks.

That is the reason I choose this topic.

After use, usually, hang the loofah up in the shower area so that it can dry up over time.

Dead skin cells are accumulated in the fibre net and a sure recipe for multiplication of the germs since the shower environment is nice for organisms to multiply (humid, no air circulation)

This requires that you should thoroughly clean your loofah regularly before you dry it for using it next time, otherwise bacteria are back on your body.

If you are still using a loofah these days, it’s time you start rethinking!

If you still love ‘Loofah’ scrub

All is not lost.

Suggestion given are

  • Thoroughly dry it after usage
  • Replace it frequently
  • Microwave it (20 seconds), avoid microwaving plastic loofahs
  • Using washing machines or treating with bleaching solutions allowed.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
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This post is part of Cee Neuner’s CMMC-July- Close up or Macro photo challenge

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