Art is a line around your thoughts-Gustav Klimt

This post is part of Cee Neuner’s PPAC- # 4 photo challenge.

Public Art

As per Cee Neuner, the host of ‘Photographic Public Art Challenge’

“Public art is encompasses any form of art you see in a public place, large or small, statues, murals, graffiti, gardens, parks, etc. The art should be visible from streets, sidewalks or outdoor public places”

The graffiti below trying to bring awareness of environmental disasters unfolding, along with avoidable personal injuries.
Each component conveying the importance of dangers to you and others if proper attention is not given to our safety and the future.

“The Earth Doesn’t belong to us: We belong to the Earth” Marlee Matlin

Sadly, we are all behaving as if Environmental issue is nothing to do with us, after all individually we are not responsible and things are beyond our control. Don’t you agree?

What is the solution?

It’s simple but one needs willpower and collective resources. First…

“Address these environmental issues, and you will address every issue known to man. And we keep dabbling in things that aren’t really important in the long run” Ted Danson

My friend, don’t you believe that we are heading for an environmental disaster?

Yes, or no?

“Destruction of our Earth – created by billions of years of the evolutionary process – with our stupidity of the last few centuries is a candidate to be one of the most tragicomic scenes in the history of this universe!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

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