You gotta nourish to flourish

“Let it go. Change the channel. Turn it off. Unsubscribe. Unfriend. Unfollow. Mute. Block. Walkaway. Breath”  @theminimalist

Yes, my friend, the time has arrived for you to follow the above quote.

Enough is enough!

And it’s high time you start knowing about Self-care.

What is ‘Self Care?

Simply put- it is about taking care of yourself.

This enables you to give the best of yourself to the world.

Do you remember this phrase? 

‘Take care of yourself first or you will have nothing left to give others’

If you remember, well, you are a smart guy!

Do you care to take care of your house?

Of course, I am not talking about the house right now you are living in.

I am talking about your real house which is made up of your own body, mind and soul. It’s your responsibility to treat it with utmost care and respect.

Is it necessary to give priority to self-care?

My friend, these days you are imagining that things are getting out of control and you started feeling that you are disconnected from reality, you are tensed about the future and stressed a lot.

  • To be precise, you are pushed and life is stretching you maximum, in these Covid times.
  • You are working hard, trying to reach your goals and beating yourself to achieve the same.
  • You are punishing your body.
  • You are also trying to please each and everybody but unsuccessful.
  • You are confused and finding difficult to take care of yourself, leave alone taking care of others in need.
  • You are neglecting your body, necessitating a visit to your doctor.
  • Your mind is unable to choose the proper path.
  • Your soul is depressed all the time and not in a position to give suitable directions to your mind.

Self-care is taking care of your own feelings in a positive way.

Hence you should give utmost priority.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” Buddha

I can give you a simple example

If you can recollect, the safety instructions that are given by the flight attendant to the passengers, wherein they request the passengers to wear the life jacket and oxygen mask first, and then only help those in needy next to you that may include your kids.

This is nothing but self-caring first…so that you are in a position to help others.

You may wonder…is not self-care another sophisticated term for ‘selfishness’?

Let us try to find out.

Does self-care amount to selfishness?

My friend, there is a sea of differences between self-care and selfishness.

✔Self-care, the very word tells you that, it’s done to take care of yourself, and not taking things from others or harming others.

✔Self-care enables you to give to others, while in selfishness you keep things for yourself.

✔Self-care is inclusive whereas selfishness things are excluded.

✔Self-care builds your inner strength. When you make time for yourself, get enough rest and exercise, you are more energetic and in a position to help others.

✔Self-care gives you peace of mind, while selfishness adds ‘envy’ and detrimental.

What is extreme self-care?

It’s all about you.

You own yourself.

You deserve the best in your life.

“To practice extreme self-care, you must learn to love yourself unconditionally, accept your imperfections, and embrace your vulnerabilities”  Cheryl Richardson

Take home message

“Respect your body when it is asking for a break

Respect your mind when it’s seeking rest

Honour yourself when you need a moment for yourself”  tiny buddha

Please Share your thoughts 

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

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