The beauty of Nature!

“A flower is a smile from Heaven” Unknown

‘Friends are like beautiful flowers in the Garden of Life  Unknown

Can you equate friends and flowers and that too with your life?

Do you believe in this quote?

If you feel this quote is correct, tell me why you think so.

Everybody is not your friend

“Just because they hang around you and laugh with you does not mean they are your friend. People pretend well. At the end of the day, real situations exposé the fake people. So pay attention” Unknown

Is Friendship a disguise?

“Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends & Family”  Unknown

Is friendship a must?

It depends on you and your intensity of selfishness.

If you want to be selfish, continue your so called ‘friendship forever’!

“I have many friends who are selfish. So I rather prefer to stay alone because loneliness is better than a loveless friendship” Annu

A better definition of ‘Selfish’

“Nobody is against us. Everybody is just for themselves, hence Selfish”  Unknown

And What about Love? 

I am not sure…as to why you are bringing the topic of ‘love’ when we are discussing ‘friendship’

My friend ‘Love’ is always a confusing word because it’s complicated and there are varieties of love and millions of ways of love and thousands of meanings… one can shower love for known or unknown reasons.

And there is no such thing as ‘true love’

Love is spontaneous but stays for a short time.

Friends can be loving to each other, or love each other  but selfishness plays a major role.

And ‘love’ is selfish these days

Whatever anybody does to others is not out of love but from a selfish angle, and this is the truth.

Even a mother is not able to share her love equally with her children!

I know you are aghast and not willing to accept.

You may claim there are exceptions to the rule.

That is OK. All thoughts and feelings are respected.

Everybody behaves and talks as if they love each other forever and this reminds one of ‘fairy tales’ which is just a temporary feel-good factor.

Never chase for true love, my friend!

It all boils down to… give and take policy, which may not be overt but with subtle behavioural patterns & hints.

This give & take policy, I call ‘balanced love’ and let us be frank in accepting this so that our life is smoother.

Enough of lecture, Come to the real point

Sure my friend.

I know still, you are not convinced.

No, read this quote from Chanakya, an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist & Royal adviser.

“There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interest. This is a bitter truth

What about friends & Friendship in WordPress?

An excellent question my friend.

Appreciate you very much.

I can explain.

WordPress friendship is unique, Why & How?

“It works. And it creates the bonds that are as strong, if not stronger because these are not people you are judging by looks, by money or by status.

These people are people you have met because of their personalities, their fandoms, their likes, their interests, their standpoints, their viewpoints and the talents that people in their ‘real lives’ never appreciated “  TheMindsJournal 

Take home message (refers to offline friends)

“I told God to protect me from my enemies and I started losing my friends”  Unknown

If you find time check my other post – ‘Is friendships is a fraud?’

Please share your thoughts on friendship and whether you were hurt because of the friendship or you got ruined by the friendship or you still admire your old & new friends.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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This post is part of Cee Neuner’s  FOTD photo challenge

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