Same Subject- Many Ways

This Photo challenge made me think of God

God remains the same. And each one of us approaches Him in various ways to get His blessings.

“The essence of all religions is the same. Only their approaches are different” Mahatma Gandhi

As per Tina Schell, our host, 

“This week, we’d like you to think about the various ways you create your images. Show us the same subject captured using multiple, different approaches.”

Thank you Tina Schell for this interesting challenge, which makes the photographer think out of the box.

It’s a pleasure to go through the submission of various participants.

How did I approach the subject?

Instead of taking the click of the subject from different angles, I tried the same subject from a single angle, maintaining the distance to the object, by using various lenses.

I avoided the telephoto lens.

Whichever way one looks at it…ultimately…Beauty in the eyes of the beholder! Is it not so my friend?

Notice how the object, which is the same in all clicks changes its appearance with different techniques.

Cell Phone (4 mm)



Wide angle lens (10-22 mm)



Fisheye Lens (8 mm)



Lens ball (100mm)






Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved


19 thoughts on “Same Subject- Many Ways

  1. Very cool. Love the colors in the last pic… the photo challenge reminds me of how people can experience the same event but come out of the experience with different perspectives and therefore feelings!!!!!

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      1. Haha… the painterly can even look like a wedding cake from the perspective of a mouse! Yeah, beauty in the eyes of the beholder, someone can find beauty where someone else can’t, and isn’t that beautiful?! LOL. I suppose everyone will have different answers to that question ;). Indeed, spirituality is respecting and accepting others! I look at spirituality as authenticity, growth, and understanding the self and others… ❤ Haha, thank you for the compliment of 'Spiritual Fantasia'! 🙂

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        1. Welcome my friend.
          You blog is in true spirits!
          And keeps one energized.
          Sadly our world ….I mean most of the people have a policy of “I am always right or my path is right” kind of stuff.
          Ego is much bigger than anything else.
          No surprise, spirituality is not flourishing !!

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          1. Wow, thank u!!!! Thank u very much. Makes my heart smile! I am happy to give, and to receieve heartfelt comments. ❤ I love your blog because it is very open-minded and discusses everything in the world from that open-minded, philosophical, curious perspective! Haha… I have had that ego before! It definitely makes life a bit more stressful when I am thinking "I am always right" and "I know what's best for me", because then I'm not letting life happen as it should. ❤ I love Lao Tzu's wisdom, just surrender to the flow of life. 🙂 Yes, I would say current societal structures support ego a lot (i.e. status equates to how much you are worth, like people might worship celebrities)! However, it seems like many people are awakening! However, does spirituality resonate with everyone?!

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            1. Thank you my friend
              I am humbled.
              You said well in your comment about societal structures.
              I really wish one understands Wu-Wei and ones responsibility of allowing nature to take its course.
              If not now or today ….one day one will realise the importance of spiritual way of life and spirituality will resonate with all one day or other.
              There is no alternative.
              Law of karma makes one realise this truth at one stage.

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              1. Wu-Wei is natural, yet our society has lots of unconscious behaviors that cause us to separate ourselves from spirituality. ❤ Indeed! When we all truly realize the importance of spirituality, lots of structures that exist today would break down. Also, wars would no longer happen! Perhaps there will be more peace, joy, and love present in our lives. What is the Law of karma?

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                  1. Thank you for sharing that post. It was so insightful. Everything from our ego, like thoughts, etc. creates Karma. Also, I like this quote from the article, “The point I am stressing is to leave things to destiny. Let Nature takes its own course. Nature knows the best.” 🙂

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