‘Selective’ Mentality

Why majority of us are selective in everything?

I don’t know.

Is this something to do with ‘Cognitive Bias’-? I am not an expert.

Of course, I am not referring to sexism or racism. 

Maybe we are lucky to have choices.

Not just the choices of worldly items available for us to choose, but we are also expert in other types of selectiveness, examples can be selective hearing, selective blindness, selective ignorance and even selective memory in certain circumstance.

Even choosing a life partner has become selective!

One can also be socially selective!

Hats off to human behavior & mental upbringing!!

Why one is selective all the time?

My dear friend, being selective is a power within.

This power can have either negative or positive consequence.

By being choosy, are we not encouraging bias or partiality?

Nothing wrong with being selective, just remember that its’ temporary, because you change over time, people change, your tastes change and what you have selected today may not be your liking on some other day.

Ok. What is your selection criteria, my friend?

Who is tricking you to be selective?

Why can’t you have a broad mind?

Are you not limiting your choices?

Remember your judgment is based on your knowledge and your selection may be flawed.

My Free Advice

Being selective has its advantages if undertaken positively.

Start saying ‘No’ to ‘more’

Start saying ‘yes’ to ‘less’

Some Advantages-

  • You can remove your friendly toxic people from your life
  • You can bring down the overload of consumer information.
  • You are less burdened from overthinking & over worrying.
  • You can avoid ‘sales’ gimmicks

Selective Coloring

“Be selective When it comes to choosing friends. 

Some people don’t know the true meaning of friendship and loyalty” Unknown

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Cee Neuner’s CBWC – Flowers Photo challenge

11 thoughts on “‘Selective’ Mentality

  1. I think selective attention is important to prevent us from getting lost in a sea of stimuli from the surrounding environment. In terms of bias and partiality, I think they’re impossible to avoid, but perhaps being mindful of our own biases can make it easier to view them as being just one way, rather than the only way.

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