I’ve decided to be happy because it’s good for my health

Advices, advices and advises..

Everybody advised me to be happy irrespective of the state of my mind.

So, I have decided to be content with my life as of today. Though I have decided about this, yet I am trying, with no idea how long it’s going to take.

But in some corner of my brain, the uncertainty of the future is still ringing and not allowing me to live in peace.

Living in the present possible, the proof being I am alive.

I am not sure of tomorrow’s happiness.

Everybody telling me to smile, to laugh and to live in the present.

When an uncertain future is staring, how can you be in an eternal state of happiness?

Smiling & Laughing

“Smiling is good for your heart

Laughing is good for the soul

And loving will keep you living, laughing and smiling” Unknown

This quote is encouraging us to lead our lives happily by smiling! 

When you notice tragedy everywhere, how can one smile?

Either we try to ignore or move on…

As humans, we wish to have satisfied life via a successful life.

Which do you prefer? Satisfied life or successful life?

A satisfying life is better than a successful life. Why?

Because ‘in successful life’, others measure our success. They may not even acknowledge your success!

But our satisfaction is measured by our own soul, mind and heart. One can be content.

And this ‘satisfying life’ depends on your moods, marital situations, temper, financial status and your physical ability, etc. 

Is happiness possible?

I am talking about ‘forever happiness.

My friend, be frank.

We come across trillions of advices about achieving an inner state of happiness.

But you & I know very well that all these things are mere humbug.

Let us accept the truth that we are humans and the state of happiness is temporary.

Some said “less is more”

Ok. what exactly the meaning of ‘Less’?

How much ‘less’ is considered ‘more’? or

How much ‘less’ is truly ‘less’?

If you call less is more…. that means less itself is more! That means you are still left with ‘more’ and this ‘more’ you are not supposed to have to achieve happiness as per the wise consul!

A bit confusing!

My thoughts

My friend, happiness comes in waves.

Happiness is not a permanent feature.

As humans, we must accept that the unhappiness component takes most of our lifetime.

As humans we can’t achieve ‘forever happiness’, be humble in accepting this truth.

Happiness depends on your tomorrow, which is the day for those unfolding events!

You are helpless.

Food for thought

Do you smile or laugh when you are alone?

The difference between Comedy, jokes and humour.


Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of Cee’s CMMC-June colour YELLOW

24 thoughts on “I’ve decided to be happy because it’s good for my health

  1. Live in present don’t worry about future the thing we do in present leads us to future. There’s not point in living in future. Hope you are doing well.
    Loved the post❤❤

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  2. Happiness comes in wave- very deep!
    And I do smile and laugh when I’m alone (I’m not crazy though XD). I mean, I’ve been a sad soul all my life and I’ve been doing some thinking over it. And from past few weeks, I’ve started trying to find happiness in the smallest of things. If I see more stars than usual in the sky, I smile. I see a bird, I smile. I smile at everything that makes my heart feel a little bit better ♥

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  3. Haha… I’m re-reading this post. Happiness comes in waves, and can’t be maintained all the time. True! I wonder what that says about the true potential of humans to control their emotions and not react negatively to external circumstances. Although to answer your more recent blog post about happiness, I believe happiness would be enjoying/accepting life and being grateful for it. 😛

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    1. Thank you my friend.
      Thank you for visiting my old article.
      Humans can’t control emotions.
      Emotions are essential part of humans.
      Not reacting to negatively to external circumstances is extremely difficult and at one time or other even the well controlled minds can go astray.
      Let us be frank and accept this truth
      Since humans can’t have greater say in ‘life’ matters, let us be humble and accept what ‘ life’ offers and be content….that can bring happiness.
      Start enjoying the ‘life’ as it is even it means unhappiness.
      There is no escape.
      In other words deriving happiness from the existing unhappiness

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      1. Yes! Emotions are essential to humans… and we can’t control our emotions when they do arise! Like, if we are angry, we can’t will it away with logic! LOL! However, I believe we can control our perceptions, which impacts our emotions! Or, accepting the situation (not reacting), is a way to “control” our emotions. As you said though, those two ways I listed above have limitations… it is hard to 100% master our emotions when something devastating happens (unless we have blocked ourselves from feeling)! Beautiful… yes… that is a happy dude, because the happy dude is never wishing for something to make the dude happy… he is not putting expectations on life… he is just happy with what life is. 🙂 Or she! Or they. 🙂 So being content with life through it’s ups and downs = happiness…! I think that is a very stable state of happiness that can make one happy most of life. A question to ponder, you don’t have to reply, do you believe that external factors can make one happy, or is it that our internal reaction to the external factor is the source of happiness? Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I resonate! 😀

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        1. Haha
          Thank you for the wonderful reply, comment and query.
          Life is life.
          Life is funny
          Life is strange.
          Life is weird.
          We both can ponder your question whole life.
          Nobody cares you or me.
          Life goes on with or without you.
          And really there is no answer.
          My friend we are swimming in the ocean of ‘Maya’
          Anything we think, tell, do and act are all Maya.
          There is no such thing as happiness or unhappiness, and our emotions are because of Maya.

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            1. Goodmorning from India.
              The time now is 7.10 am 3rd day of August 2021.

              Thank you Linda

              Couldn’t agree more.

              Technically infinite happiness belongs to everybody.

              Unfortunately each one of us, conditioned by own thoughts unable to understand what constitutes happiness.

              Maya playing it usual dirty tricks on human thoughts and taking all of us away from the spiritual truth in a sweet fahion which I call ‘Sweet Poison’

              My friend eveybody talks big that we all possess key of happiness but believe me if I say that none has the capacity to open the door of Heaven with this happiness Key.

              The reason is simple.
              Nobody knows how to turn the key in proper direction such that the door to Heaven opens.

              This helplessness is because of the ‘Maya’ which lures and traps all of us with it’s knife coated with honey.

              Thank you for this enlightenment which I get through your intelligent chat.

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              1. And if you find time you can see some of my posts about ‘ happiness'( search box key word – happiness) and give your valuable input.

                As far as I am concerned…..these days my happiness derives from the external world out of the interesting and intelligent discussion I have with a person by name Linda 😀😀

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                1. LOLOLOL I laughed very hard… that is funny we both have philosophical minds! I enjoy reading your hilarious and different perspectives… learning and processing warmly!

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              2. HELLO!!! It’s now the same day it was for you, but for me now! August 3rd, 9:22 PM! Oh wow, you said that so metaphorically and beautifully! I’m assuming “Maya” means illusion! Yes, it’s very alluring! Buy this and you will be happy, achieve this and you will be happy, look pretty and you will be happy… but this only satisfies the ego! It is all conditioning to believe that happiness has to be earned… and we don’t already have access to it! My belief is that happiness is very simple…. that we have been conditioned to add many expectations around it! However, some people are born with lower serotonin levels and have a harder time feeling happy! It’s a lovely topic. All I know is that I feel very happy in the silence. 🙂

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                    1. I think there are lots of definitions of happiness, though!
                      – Being content with the present moment
                      – Having gratitude
                      – Paying attention to the small things in life that bring one joy and are accessible
                      – Taking control of one’s life and not being in victim mentality
                      – Not surrounding oneself with negativity and making an effort to be positive as much as possible
                      – Focusing on what one can control and not stressing over what one can’t
                      – etc.! There are so many. I’m sure you thought of many different ones than me! I wonder if there is a one happiness method that fits all.. perhaps! 🙂

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                    2. Nice to know your version.
                      Thank you.
                      My version is just be content whatever happens or comes in the way and continue our job without
                      ☑️Any expectation
                      ☑️ Assumption
                      ☑️ Presumption

                      I shall go one step ahead and say ‘Don’t even hope for anything’
                      Remember ‘ what ever happens is for a reason…be good or bad..
                      And don’t react emotionally.
                      If someone is able to follow the above…I think one can enjoy the Bliss.
                      Thank you my friend

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