Word of Wisdom


“If you want to soar in life, you must learn to F.L.Y ( First Love Yourself )” Mark Sterling

Thank you.

Namaste πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Philosophy Through Photography

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30 thoughts on “Word of Wisdom

        1. Wow! Wow! Dolly
          What a wonderful way you presented in the video clip.
          What an encouraging talk.
          Full of hope for the younger generation.
          Wow..the recipes…
          With your permission I am just pasting summary of what you said….so that it is useful to other readers who may not be finding time to check your link
          We Can Fly!

          Caling all supermen, superwomen, and generally, all super-people! I got news for you: I believe you can fly.
          οΏΌAt our July get-together, we have practiced learning to F.L.Y.Β  This is what you do:

          Breathe slowly and deeply. Repeat:
          οƒ˜ I unconditionally love myself, even though I am not perfect.
          οƒ˜ I love myself, even though I have faults and limitations.
          οƒ˜ I love myself, even though I make mistakes and errors.
          οƒ˜ I love myself, even though I feel envious.
          οƒ˜ I love myself, even though I lose my temper.
          οƒ˜ I love myself, even though I overeat.
          οƒ˜ I love myself, even though I don’t utilize my time in the best and wisest ways.

          Β (Zelig Pliskin,Β Life Is Now)

          Thank you once againfor spreading the message of
          ” First Love Yourself”
          God bless you

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          1. My pleasure, dear Philo, and I thank you for sharing part of my post. Unfortunately, because of Covid we had to temporarily suspend the Lasting Joy club meetings, but we hope to re-start when the pandemics is over.

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            1. No my friend
              From to day onwards the weather is going to be above 40Β°c(104Β°f).
              Other than those 2 days of cyclone in west and east part of India most of India is sizzling.
              Hope sufficient rains from July onwards will make the land greener.
              Sea side is good but it’s a bit stuffy all the time.
              Best time in India is always between October and December when the weather is pleasant with intermittent rains.
              Thank you


              1. OMG i thought summer is over already
                Of course sea side is humid same like here all days are humid. I realise different states have different weathers at times. But winter pleasing even around sea shores. My last visit to Chennai was super hot and humid Just before the lockdown last year same in Kochin but Bangalore Mysore was having pleasing weather. Hope next visit will be sooner if flights resume. Thanks for the message.

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