How do you respond?

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge” Thomas Berger

We all get excited and happy whenever we get a new ‘follower’ in WP and also when the total count jumps.

It’s natural and part of the human mindset.

These followers ‘follow’ you for different reasons

✔Some are genuinely interested in the topic or niche you have chosen

✔Some follow you because of the same wavelength between you both in the communication matters

✔Some follow you because they expect you to return favors

✔Some follow you to get your attention regarding donation

✔Some follow you to sell their products

You can enlighten me further, if you find more reasons.

And I have 15 questions for you and I want you to be frank because this can clear doubts of many and can be helpful to all, as everyone continues their saga in the blogosphere

I know that every blogger is a King or Queen in their own way and need no explanation to give and are the deciding persons but still, I just wished to know the correct answers from people like you who are good in your observations.

#1. Do you ‘follow’ every blog that follows you?

#2. Do you ‘like’ the blog posts, though the subject is of not your interest, but still click the ‘like’ button for some of their posts because they regularly ‘like’ your posts and you don’t wish to displease them? Are you justified by your act?

#3. Do you ‘unfollow’ a blog, though they are following you? Any specific reasons? Too many posts or deviations from the original concept of the blogger?

#4. How do you respond to the bloggers, who ‘follow’ you and you in turn ‘follow’ them, but when you check their blog, you are surprised to note that it’s in a foreign language?

#5. If the blog is in a foreign language do you still attempt to check the post via Google Translate?

#6. Do you regularly check who all ‘unfollowed’ you, after ‘following’ you in the beginning? who is at fault?

#7. Are you the type, who is least bothered about who is ‘following’ or who has ‘unfollowed’ you?

#8. Did you any time get angry/helpless because nobody is following and you even decided to quit once for all? 

#9. Are you able to join the discussion in every blog that you ‘follow’?

#10. What is the ‘ideal number of blogs humanly possible to ‘follow’ and join the discussion regularly?

#11. Do you check your WP statistics regularly and either get excited or depressed?

#12. What you have decided when you have exhausted the free quota? Do you go for a paid account or start another blog in a different name and transfer your hard earned ‘follows’ to your new blog?

#13. How frequently you donate or buy  in the blogosphere?

#14. Are you not surprised that everybody is advising everybody in the blogosphere and how much these pieces of the advice having an impact on you and your life?

#15. At any time, somewhere in your mind, did you feel jealous, because you noticed that a blogger having 100 ‘follows’ getting 300 comments and you having 3000 ‘follows’ getting less than 50 comments? 

I know my friend, too many questions and difficult to answer one by one.

It’s OK.

Take it easy.

Inhale and exhale.

The human mind is too complex!.

Two quotes come to my mind about the human mind

“Our mental limitations prevent us from recognizing our mental limitation.”  Dr Robert Burton

“The moment we think we know the answer, or even the question, we close down our options to explore & we can no longer find the things that we didn’t know to look for.”  Sonja Blignaut

Thank you in advance.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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10 thoughts on “How do you respond?

  1. Good questions. I will attempt to answer most of them.
    1. No. I look at them when they follow and follow if I think I want to read them regularly
    2. Sometimes just to let them know I read it Not regularly though
    3. I rarely unfollow. i have unfollowed because they posted so much it drowned out all others and one I unfollowed recently because they posted opinions that I disagreed with so much I did not want to see more.
    4-5. I have followed blogs in other languages, but am not good about translating to read them
    6-7. I don’t look to see who has unfollowed me and am not usually bothered by it.
    8. I do sometimes get disappointed that my following grows much slower than others
    9. No. I’m bad at commenting because I rarely feel like i have much to contribute to the conversation
    10. I have no idea, but less than I am following
    11. I do check my stats way too much. I get excited about bigger than usual numbers. I’m getting better about not being depressed at low numbers.
    12. I have a premium account. I decided a few years ao that the money was worth it for something I enjoy.
    13. Rarely
    14. I read the blog advice stuff but rarely follow it which might be why my blog grows so slowly.
    15. I am always jealous, especially of new bloggers, who get more comments and interaction than me.

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  2. I’ll answer the ones where answers come to mind right away.
    1) I only follow back blogs that I’m interested in reading. I mostly view blogs in the WP Reader, and I don’t want my Reader feed full of blogs I’m not actually reading.
    2) Sometimes I’ll read content more because of who wrote it than the content itself. I’m not normally a big poetry fan, but I read some poetry on WordPress because it’s the means of self-expression for bloggers that I’m interested in.
    6/7) I’m not really on the ball enough to even notice who’s unfollowed me, so I don’t give it much thought.
    13) I like to read books written by fellow-bloggers, so my buying frequency depends on who’s releasing books and when.
    14) Luckily, I realized early on that blogging advice is all optional, and should only be implemented if it’s a good fit for my blog.
    15) Yes. I can usually shut those thoughts down pretty quickly, but they do pop up once in a while.

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