The image below is that of a hut in an Indian Village.

Village Hut

And the person owning this hut told me he is very happy because he can sleep peacefully, and he knows it’s real value since he comes across everyday people without a roof over their heads.

What does this teach us?

“As you get older, you’ll realise that a £250 watch and a £25 watch both tell the same time.

A Michael Kors wallet and a Primark wallet hold the same amount of money.

A £500,000 and a £100,000 house host the same loneliness.

True happiness is not found in materialistic things.”   Fuad Alakbarov

Of course one need not grow old to understand this truth.

What do you think of the quote below?

“For every dollar spent on luxuries, someone somewhere goes hungry.”
Abhijit Naskar

in other words, are we unable to differentiate between luxury and necessity and go on wasting our money, time and energy in possessing materials for sensual pleasure?

Your necessity is someone’s luxury

While you complain about your life, there is someone dreaming of it!

What is contentment?

“Contentment doesn’t mean that I desire nothing. But rather it’s the simple decision to be happy, with what I have”  Paula Rollo

But the present-day definition of ‘contentment’ is different

Everybody thinks that being popular in social media brings happiness and contentment.

The more number of followers, shares and likes, the greater the happiness!

Unfortunately you are revealing too much of yourself!

My friend, it’s a recipe for disaster!

Going offline is the true meaning of contentment.

  • Offline is the ‘New Luxury’
  • Offline is peace of mind.
  • Offline is the new definition of happiness.
  • Offline reduces your stress level.
  • Offline improves family bonding
  • People stopped visiting a sex therapist
  • You reveal less about yourself
  • You have plenty of time to attend to your personal work and ambitions.
  • You an fulfill your desires in a fruitful way.

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

17 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. Happiness is a state of mind and its source lies within us. Coonflict arises when there is difference between Innerworld and Outerworld. And in india since ancient time our sages/rishis devoted on inner quest rather than outside world. That’s why our Civilisation in continuous flourishing even today. Great lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing such a post

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  2. While I agree with 95% of the article, especially the Offline portion (HELL YEAH), I do have to split hairs on one point:

    “For every dollar spent on luxuries, someone somewhere goes hungry.”
    Abhijit Naskar

    THAT shows some real class warfare thinking and a poor understanding of economics. “Luxuries” require labor to produce and maintain, which means jobs, which is people earning money to feed their family. I judge people on how honestly they earned their money, not how much of it they have. There’s also much more charity out there than some people will admit to. Unfortunately some of it is mismanaged, and even stolen. Look at the massive amounts of money that were pouring into Ethiopian famine relief decades ago only to have large portions of the food and money seized by warlords and corrupt officials. It happens everywhere though, NOT picking on Africa by any means. It’s just a universally known example.

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  3. Undertaking charities is a commendable job.
    No disagreement about this.
    As far as luxuries concerned- it continues as long as there are people who can afford it.
    May be the author of the quote referring to the exploitation? Cheap labour?
    And the money earned is not being utilized properly?
    I guess everybody exploits everybody.
    Agree your observation on the money earned honestly.
    What about cheap labour somebody offering at the cost of human suffering?
    Thank you Silk Cords for the thought provoking reply.


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