Triangular Theory of Love

“Love is the master key, that opens the gates of happiness” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Do you remember the triangular theory of Love?

If not, let me refresh.

According to Robert Sternberg, the triangular theory of love has three components.

  • Intimacy component-feeling of closeness
  • Passion component-about romantic feelings, excitement, physical attraction & sexual consummation.
  • Decision/Commitment component- Total commitment to be together under any circumstances without diminishing the intensity of love.

While the first and second components of the triangle can happen easily, the third component is the most difficult part of the relationship.

Present-day ‘Love’ has taken altogether a different meaning

  • Intimacy- Just to satisfy selfish motives
  • Passion component- a temporary phenomenon, just to satisfy body need.
  • Decision/Commitment- less said better.

Why is this happening?

I don’t have a ready answer.

I am not saying that these things happen to everybody. What I am stressing is that we see less and less commitment by the majority of the present generation.

Maybe ‘Love’ has lost its meaning after it’s commercialised. The more costlier the gift… the greater the intensity of Love!

Maybe people belonging to the older generation can tell better about the meaning & purpose of ‘love’ to the present generation.

And hopefully present generation understands better about Love & Commitment.

Now coming to my above photograph

As I was enjoying Mother Nature’s beauty in the sky, I noticed a formation of clouds resembling the ‘Love’ symbol ❤❤❤   What a beauty!

And what a way nature is telling us about the significance of Love and that too without speaking any words!!

“Love is when you can understand each other’s silences”  Avijeet Das

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

Featured image-Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

This post is part of wRighting my life’s- CHANGING FOCUS- a monthly photo challenge.

The theme for January 31, 2021-February 27, 2021   “Hearts in all the Right (and Unusual) Places.”

According to her, interpret this however you like, just meet the challenge anytime between today and February 27 th.

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