Can blog articles impact your life?

Yes. But to some extent.

It’s said 500+ sites  are  built each day in WordPress alone.

And we all love to post articles and are eager to get readers to read our posts.

Courtesy of the internet, we can garner both useful and useless knowledge.

Social media plays a much bigger role in enriching knowledge and expanding friendship across the continents.

One experiences both confusion & clarity.

Some of the sites are full of advice

But then the advice is advice.

And this advice is an unasked suggestion.

Are you sure that the writer himself or herself followed the advice?

Spreading knowledge with helpful tips is one thing and giving advice unasked is another thing.

It’s up to you to decide

You are the King.

You are the Judge, Jury and the Executioner.

Some of the posts include the daily chores right from getting up in the morning till one goes to bed. How much impact the reader is going to have?

Again, I am clueless.

Many said it’s the easiest way of time management! or it can be a way of killing the time!

Do you agree?

Do you read the entire post or just scroll?

What is the secret that one gets glued to the post?

How much time does one spend reading the post?

Do you love writing a comment?

What are your thoughts on the length of the post?

My understanding

  • A blog can help one expand the network, especially in the business aspect.
  • Writing skills improve.
  • Maybe with popularity, one may become an influencer in the long run.
  • Introverts gain confidence.
  • One can fulfil one’s passion.

Take home message

“What you do, has a far greater impact than what you say” Stephen Covey

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by roegger from Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Impact

  1. Hi, I’m a reader not a skimmer. I never use blogs for advice until I have engaged with that blogger for quite some time. For example, Danell at the blog Vinthropology has become a good friend over the years. We engage lots about wine, we trust each other’s judgement, we still disagree on many things wine related, and yet we collaborated on a book recently. Trust is earned! For me, engagement is the issue, and that needs shared values which I have previously written about in two connected posts. I actively dislike the like like like brigade who don’t even read your posts, never mind engage with you, but they’re easy to identify and move on. Here is the first of two posts

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    1. Thank you Dr.B.

      Couldn’t agree more on having genuine engagement.

      Both the articles 1.why you are following our blog and 2. how to engage with a fellow blogger are of well analysed and you did an excellent reasearch.

      I enjoyed reading thoroughly both the posts.

      As you rightly put it and I too felt many times that number of comment one gets is less than 1% of total followers

      Well said about ‘trust earned’.

      You brought smiles when you talked about like like like brigadde.
      May be a ‘misused’ button
      ☑️’liking the button’ is the easiest thing one can do without spending energy.,
      ☑️ ‘Follow’ button gives hope and encouragement to the writer.
      ☑️’commentting’ – can put both reader and writer in engagement….the most important aspect of blogging, there by mutual trust starts.

      Thank you so much Dr.B for enlighting me regarding importance of engagement.
      Thanks again for the links

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  2. Some posts are just far too long, they would be better broken up say a travel blog. To write about a whole week is exhausting to read but I enjoy reading about a day somewhere.
    I’ve just read a very long post from a lady who is having to live with her ex husband ..that kept me very interested.
    If I read something I generally like to comment and engage

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  3. I post quite a few posts with tips or suggestions, and I can say that I’d never recommend anything that I don’t do myself. As for post length, my preference is for less than 1000 words, but I will read much longer posts if they teach me something I find valuable. And I think personal value, which is a little different for each of us, creates the distinction between a reader being glued to a post and quickly skimming it. 🌞

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