Smiling face

“The most beautiful makeup is the reflection of kindness from a smiling face.” Debasish Mridha

Dear friend, how much could you smile today?

I know smiling or laughing or being in a jolly mood is not all that easy these days.

But still, I feel you must just laugh at your life because of the way it treats you now and then.

If you still find it difficult to smile just look at those kids who are unmindful of the things happening around and just smile as they play with each other.

Just bring back your inner child to life!

Trivia-Statistics – smiling

  • Smiling is the most powerful gesture from human beings.
  • It takes less effort to smile than frown.
  • Do you know that smiling babies are often observed in the womb during ultrasound studies?
  • It’s even said that forcing yourself to smile during sad days makes you forget your worries gradually.
  • Smiling is such a powerful tool that you don’t need an interpreter when you are in foreign countries.
  • It is said men find women attractive when they smile!
  • There are 19 different types of smiles.
  • Smiling costs you nothing!
  • It’s said kids smile around 400 times a day.
  • And in adults, it comes down to 20 times or even less.
  • And sadly many hide their smiles!

I can go on and on…

What happens if you don’t smile?

“Every day you spend without a smile is a lost day.”  Unknown

My take

I would like you to understand that Smiling is the best way to face any problem.

Keep smiling my friends. Let this become part of your life  like any other habit.

This article is dedicated to my good friend Chris, who always brings that smile and cheer. Please do check his lovely blog at Mr Ohh!’s Sideways View

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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