How many emotions one can show?

It is said human can express themselves in more than 25 emotions.

And imagine if you are not able to understand the real emotions one has…..can lead to terrible miscommunication, misunderstanding or even break-up of relationships.

And believe me, if I say the majority of us are not good at catching the vibes and land in an embarrassing situation.

Emotions can be positive or negative and one should try to balance these two.

Misused emotions

And human emotions are misused by none other than humans!

“People are fed up of movies and video games, now their real-time entertainment is to play with human emotions”.   P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar

Is it necessary to control emotions?

I guess it depends on the situation you are in.

It also depends on whether you are sensitive.

I feel we should control our emotions and stop arguing.

Control your emotions & thus control your life

“Learn to control your emotions, because bad times and moods pass away…but things said and done in emotional stress make you lose loved ones, so always be careful in dealing with emotions” Jerose

Are emotions a bad thing?

A difficult question to answer.

All of us undergo emotions, be positive or negative, while positive one gives you a boost…..negative ones can give stress and lead to an unhappy state.

Remember to take your emotions seriously because they might be giving you important signals so that you can take control of your life.

If you are able to recognise your emotions and are able to manage them, you are the winner.

Take home message

“Inner peace begins, the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions”  Pema Chodron

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2021 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of LAPC- Emotions by Pattimoed

16 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. I love this and the Pema quote is a wonderful reminder. It is so important to remember that our emotions are all ours. It is when we rely on others for our emotions that you lose your grounding and power. As an Empath, it can be tough to decide and know which emotions are mine. I have really been better over the last few years, but it is really tough right now. The national emotional vibe is tight right now, so it can be a bit much. Enjoyed this. Thanks!

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  2. Very well written! Expressing our deep emotions can literally save someone’s life… as suppressing them can kill one, both physically and spiritually…. Hence, emotions play an extremely crucial role in our lives….
    Really liked the post! Keep writing….

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  3. What a bizarre character Philo – I can’t believe you didn’t tell us anything about who he is and where you met him! As for emotions, I think it’s important to find a balance because bottling up emotions can eventually result in an explosion, whereas expressing them calmly relieves stress when done well. The link between emotion and communication must be handled well for relationships to grow and flourish.

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    1. Oh Tina Schell….Got engrossed in my thoughts about human emotions, especially with this gentleman’s expression, which was a happy one.

      He is a priest in one of the street Temples near by.

      Street temples are common in India and mostly located on the pavements.
      People staying nearby come regularly and pray.

      On this particular day, this priest conducted a religious function, and at the end he was excited because of the large crowd attending the function

      Though initially he was worried how the function will proceed, and when everything went on well, he was full of smiles and expressing his joy and became emotional.
      When one becomes emotional, be…for a happy reason or for a sad reason…..it’s impossible for an outsider to tell whether the person is crying or laughing.

      Such is the power of emotion.

      You beautifully explained the link between emotion and communication.

      Thank you so much.


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