Monday Motivation

How much time do you take judging others?

It’s said we judge people within the first 7 seconds of meeting and we feel proud of our talent!

Do you believe in the theory that “The first impression is the best impression’?

The first impression no doubt matters, but don’t jump to the conclusion.

We waste no time judging others and we are obsessed to judge others.

If you start judging others instantly then you belong to narrow minded personality.

It’s a love-hate relationship

What do I mean by this?

My friend each one of us loves to judge others but we hate to be judged.

Why we judge?

Because we come from different backgrounds, thousands of perceptions, and questionable upbringing.

May be some amount of pride. is the culprit.

We all have our point of view.

We have our perception of reality which we think a God-given gift!

We find gratification!

Some even said it’s a survival instinct!!

Why judging others has become so easy?

“Not all scars show.

Not all wounds heal.

Not all illnesses can be seen.

Not all pain is obvious.

Remember this before passing judgment on another Unknown

What you are supposed to do when you are constantly judged?

“When they judge you, yawn.
When they misunderstand you, smile.
When they underestimate you, laugh.
When they condemn you, ignore.
When they envy you, rejoice.
When they oppose you, prevail.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

Have a blessed day.

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

Image by Edward Lich from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I’m going to politely play devil’s advocate here. You may recall that months ago I did a post about how this “don’t judge” philosophy can and is taken to an extreme by some people.

    First impressions CAN be the most accurate because they’re untainted by any sort of manipulation (clever words, flirting, etc…) at that point. They can also be completely off base, so I’d agree it’s important to be flexible there.

    “Not all scars show, etc…” When I was growing up, and in generations prior to mine, there was the idea that being hurt in some way didn’t give one the right to hurt others. I have no idea what society is like in India, but here in the U.S. we have a narcissism of victimhood epidemic. “This happened to me, so I have a right to be an ass and you can’t dare judge me no matter how bad my behavior”. What happened to the idea of bearing one’s afflictions with dignity and quiet strength… that there was honor and nobility in that sort of strength of character?

    None of that precludes people getting help if they need it, nor the obligation of others to judge carefully and with an open mind. However, I believe it’s perfectly OK to have standards on what one will tolerate in terms of behavior. If we never judge anyone, then we can’t have any moral or legal standards and society falls apart.

    I think the best advice is to judge wisely and compassionately, and remember that disagreeing with or disliking somebody doesn’t give one the right to persecute them in any way.

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    1. Fully agree with you Silk Cords.
      Humans are humans whether they are from North to South or West to East.
      And Judgementality Is a must if one considers one as human.

      Your last para is the perfect answer to overcome this mentality.
      Thank you my friend for giving me the valuable input


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