Welcome December 2020

Dear friends wishing you all

‘A wonderful December, filled with peace, love and joy’.

New month, new day, new date, new chapter, new age, new wishes, Welcome December!

Special thanks to you all my friends

“You are a like-minded folk, a peppy, merry & hearty being like a basket of joy, a podium of sharing, a spot of weakness, an altar of adoring. Now, we are together more stronger, better and go-ahead. I’m always thankful & blessed. Happy Bonding Forever” Lord Robin

The hand shake

This hand shake is from a physical distance and we both understand each other and the reason.

Take care and stay safe.

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography


This post is part of citysonnets – December Photo a day Challenge

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          1. I still think the reason is ignorance that leads to fear, which causes a defensive reaction, which in turn causes arrogance. There are many studies in social psychology that indicate this chain of reasoning.


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