What is the difference between humans & Birds?

“Birds have to wings so they fly all together. Humans have two hands, so they clap when another one is in trouble” Jubel Ahmed

“It is entirely possible that you get unpredictable behaviour out of predictable rules.” Frank Heppner

Have you heard of the term Murmuration?

Most of us would have seen murmurations happening in the sky/sea at one time or another. or you might have come across them in Geographical Channel. And many occasions we tend to ignore this Wonderful Mother Nature dance.

Murmuration is noticed with birds and fishes.

“A flock of birds or fish moving in synchrony in a mesmerizing, pulsating, way pattern putatively to confuse the predators” 

Murmuration is done by many species of birds, but the term murmuration is specially used for Starling Flocks.

Hundreds or even thousands of birds/fishes ( Of course birds of the same feather ) flying together in a whirling and ever-changing pattern is a visual treat

Birds/fishes turn and twist and change direction at a moment’s notice. How these hundreds and thousands do these types of manoeuvres.

These are highly complicated movements with such precise coordination that too during the flight with amazing speed! 

This is a puzzle and my guess is scientists yet to come out with an explanation.

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Murmuration

    1. Thank you Orvillewrong.
      You revealed the truth.
      But still humans are headstrong and overconfident forgetting the fact that what we know of Mother Nature is not even a drop in the ocean!
      Reminds me of the wisdom quote from Socrates

      “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”


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