Thoughtful Thursday

“The tree that has the most fruit is the tree that bends to the ground.Be humble” unknown

The Attitude

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If it is not you’ll find an excuse”   unknown

None has Flaws

“You just need someone that will make you realize that your flaws are just undiscovered beauties with in”  Billy Chapata


“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” Zig Ziglar

Stop chasing Happiness

“Now and then it is good to pass in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy”  Guillamme  Apollinaire

How to be happy without chasing happiness

“Not what you have, but what you see; Not what you see, but what you choose; Not what seems fair, but what is true; Not what you dream, but what you do; Not what you take, but what you give; Not as you pray, but as you live. These are the things that mar or bless The sum of human happiness.”   unknown

Thank you.


Philosophy Through Photography

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  22 comments for “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. October 22, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Quotes are amazing.

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  2. October 22, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    A few useful adages to live by.


  3. October 22, 2020 at 10:41 pm

    Love this quote!

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  4. October 23, 2020 at 10:32 am

    I like Apollinaire’s quote. So true!

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    • October 23, 2020 at 4:50 pm

      A great quote!

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      • October 23, 2020 at 8:30 pm

        He was a great poet, even though he was a communist. But many great French intellectuals in those times became entranced by communist ideas, unfortunately.

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        • October 24, 2020 at 7:35 am

          ‘Ism’ is thought provoking.

          Why people get trapped in ‘isms’?

          Any specific reasons?

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          • October 25, 2020 at 10:10 pm

            Great question, dear friend.
            People are sociable creatures, and most of them fell uncomfortable being different from the crowd so they conform to majority opinion. There have been many studies to this effect. People also tend to label those majority opinions, to make it easier to identify themselves and others. Once they conform and identify themselves as part of this or that ‘ism, they must bridge a cognitive dissonance in their own brain by convincing themselves that they have made the right decision and now they truly believe in it.
            I used to say to my sons when they were teenagers: don’t be afraid to be different, be yourself, but remember – it’s very lonely on top. Most people abhor social loneliness.


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