Last Photo For September 2020

House below the Road level 

“Bless our house as we come and go. Bless our home as the children grow. Bless our families as they gather in. Bless our home with love and friends.”  unknown

Generally, the House,the single most important aspect of our life and family must be at a higher level than the outside world.

Feng Shui says, the energy of the house is pushed below the ground and the family members are subjected to stress.

To solve the problem, the suggestion given is to make the front door attractive and also put those protection symbols handing on the door.

In the above photograph,I also noticed a broken ladder and a water storage tank with a plant in it (on the tiled roof) and I don’t have an explanation.

This post is part of Bushboy’s LAST PHOTO FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 photo challenge participation.

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