Peacock Flower

Caesalpinia-Pulcherrima flower

“Be like a tree, bloom like a flower, sing like a bird and dance like a peacock” Debashish Mridha

CAESALPINIA PULCHERRIMA is a flowering plant in the PEA family, cultivated as an ornamental plant

Grows up to 10-20 feet ( 3 to 6 meters )

Common names include Peacock flower, red bird of paradise, Mexican bird of Paradise, Pride of Barbados.

Indian names include

  • Hindi: guletura
  • Manipuri: Krishnachura
  • Marathi: Sankasur  
  • Telugu: Ratnagandhi
  • Kannada: Kenjige, Ratnagandhi
  • Oriya: Krishnochuda
  • Tamil: Mayurkonrai
  • Malayalam: Settimandaram
  • Bengali: Krishnachura, Radhachura
  • Sanskrit: Sidhakya

Interesting points

✔ It’s is the national flower of Barbados

✔ It’s used as a purgative and a strong abortifacient. Said to cure kidney stones.

✔ This plant got the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Award of Garden Merit’

✔ This Pride Of Barbados was included in Meghan Markel’s wedding veil representing the country.


Philosophy Through Photography

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

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    Beautiful Narration. 👌😊

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    Ohhh, beautiful, Philo! 🌞

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