Welcome September 2020

Welcome September 2020

Today is a new beginning.

Life is full of uncertainties But there will always be a Sunrise after every Sunset

We have a piece of Good news is in our country ( India ), restrictions have been significantly removed and interstate and intrastate road travel is allowed via public or private transport means. Train services starting in the entire country from 7 th Sept on wards.

Of course, the minimum mandatory protocol continues.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the people to take care of themselves and others.

Hopefully, every business shall start improving, and livelihood is taken care of.

Hope the situation in your place also has improved and take care of and stay safe my friends.

Thank you.


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This post is part of Maria’s September 2020-Photo a day challenge

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  1. As long as the spreading of virus get in control and the forth coming vaccine to assist public the peace will remain all over. Its a nightmare else where as no symptom virus is effecting adversely in crowded places. Hope this ends sooner and results in normal life soonest. Wish you safe time and health. Cheers

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