Lobster-Claw flowers

It is through living that we discover ourselves, at the same time as we discover the world around us.”
Henri CartierBresson

Flowers never fail to amaze us with their amazing colors and shapes and sizes even color combinations.

Have you ever come across what is known as Hanging Lobster-Claw flower, also named as False Bird Paradise flowers?

The plant of these flowers belongs to the Heliconia family and more specifically Heliconia Rostrata.

Heliconia Symbolism– represents youth, Pride, and Great returns.

The moment you see the flower, you feel, you are in a different world since the flower presents you with its beauty and exotic looks.

Why it’s called Lobster claw flowers?

The name “Lobster Claw” comes from the shape of its flower bracts, which resemble the shape of a lobster’s claw.

It’s also named as ‘False Bird Paradise flower’ since it resembles’ Bird of Paradise Flower

Heliconia Plants can grow up to 15 feet. (4.6 meters).

The lobster claw may be found in red, orange, or yellow.

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