Close encounter of the third kind!

Have you seen the 1977 science fiction movie ‘Close encounter of the third kind’ by Steven Spielberg? If so, you understand what I am saying. (Just joking)

I had such an encounter, the other day.

I shall explain.

1.Close encounter of the first kind (Visual sighting) —   Discovering a housefly.

2. Close encounter of the second kind (body changes in the witness) — In this case, the witness is me and getting excited by the sight of the fly

3.Close encounter of the third kind (visibility of the occupants) — In this case the water bubble coming out of the mouth of the house fly

Have you witnessed a house fly blowing a water bubble?

Photographing a Hose-fly while it jets out the water bubble is a rare opportunity.

‘Bubble-blowing’-House fly blowing bubble of water with its mouth.,the process is said to keep the insect cool,when the temperature outside is high

House Fly Trivia

  • House flies live on fluid (strictly on liquid diet)
  • Can walk upside down (Shame on you batman!)
  • They taste their food with their legs (Yuck!)
  • House flies’ poops as they savor your food and gives- two hoots to your famous phrase ‘Don’t shit where you eat’
  • They transmit more than 50 diseases (on a deadly mission)
  • Their life span is around 30 days (yet enough damage done)
  • You puke if you wish to know. House flies make a living in filth. And their eggs are laid in filth, but strangely they love your yummy food just to defecate and eat the liquid part of your food
  • Housefly ceases to exist if humans are absent (hats off to Camaraderie!)

Food for thought

“If flying beings are called birds, then why not mosquitoes, cockroaches and house flies? Let us not be partial please” Prem

This post is part of Amanda’s  Close examinations where she encourages us to take macro or close photographs.

Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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