Summer 2020, that never was

“Don’t ask him to live in your world……visit his world instead” unknown

In India, Summer starts in April and lasts till the end of June.

The temperature can range between 25°c to 45°c. (77°f to 113°f)

Indians spend their summer holidays either in short-haul (6-10 days) or long hauls (14-20 days).

Of course, every family has its way of spending their summer vacation. But I shall give you the common examples.

  • Most go and meet relatives in different parts of the country.
  • Some spend time in the beach resorts or hill stations.
  • A few plan trips abroad.
  • Some don’t move but learn new skills
“If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed.” Unknown

Unfortunately, Summer 2020 is a missed event because of COVID restrictions and lockdowns.
More than adults, children have missed the occasion and terribly disappointed.I am not sure of the situation in other parts of the world.
But all is not lost…..better times ahead. Hope for the best.

“children need the the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury it’s a necessity” Kay Redfiend Jamison
“We are like sea shells upon the beach,beautiful and unique,each with a story of its own to tell” Unknown

Dear Readers hope you enjoyed the photos and quotes. Thank you for your encouragement.

This post is part of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104: Summer

Thank you Amy for the inspiration.

Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
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13 thoughts on “Summer 2020, that never was

  1. Loved your images and quotes this week, although I cannot imagine life in the temperatures you mention! I shall be much more tolerant of our mid-90s F from now on!


  2. 😮 My goodness! Forty-five degrees Celsius is ridiculously hot!

    Here in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, we do not have Summer; we have the Rainy Season and the Dry Season.

    Our average temperature ranges between twenty-eight degrees Celsius to thirty-five degrees Celsius.

    I think that I would end up dying if I visited India in the Summertime.

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  3. Beautiful choices for summer – my thoughts of the quote on shells is that it comes from a person living by the sea. You live in a beautiful country, that I rarely have visited (two times) because of the high temperatures. I stop functioning after 35 degrees. But is is just as you say – you get used to it. After a longer stay in the heat, your body adapts.
    And I love that first quote – even if it means I am overdressed 99% of my life…

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    1. Thank you Leya for your kind words.
      Glad that you visited my beautiful country twice.
      Agree that it’s a tough time for westerners who visit India during the March to June.
      The two months worth taking a trip are December & January,when the weather is pleasant.


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