A Photo a Week Challenge: Dusk


“Dusk still has some stories to tell.Listen to them.Don’t fall for the Moon so early”   Occsassional scribe

We routinely use the terms…Dusk, dawn, twilight, sunset, and sunrise.

Don’t they mean something or you think they convey the more or less the same type of appearance or feeling?

The entire description is based on the position of the Sun to the Horizon.

Dusk-refers to the transition of day to night. Dusk occurs after the Sunset when the Sun passes below the horizon.

Dawn-occurs before the Sunrise. This is the time when the top of the Sun reaches the Horizon.

Twilight-It’s the period just before it completely becomes dark in the evening. It’s the period between dusk and dawn.

Sunrise & Sunset– are the points at which the top edge of the Sun reaches the Horizon.


Why Photographers Love Golden Hour photography?

Professional Photographers swear by the ‘golden hour’and universally it’s loved by them.

Photographers call this ‘Magical Time’

The diversity of light makes all the difference as every second moves to the next second.

Golden Hour in photography is the period day just before the sunsets or after it arises when the light is redder and softer than usual so that photograph taken in it has a pleasing quality. ( Cambridge Dictionary )


“A hot cup of hope at dawn,don’t let us drown from dawn to dusk”  S Roses S

Do you know another type ‘of Golden Hour’ in Medical Language?

The first hour after a serious medical event or injury during which treatment is likely to be most effective. (Cambridge Dictionary )

This post is part of  Nancy Merrill Photography,s  – A photo a Week Challenge-DUSK

Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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    Belle foto!! Buon sabato 😊

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    Magical time indeed!


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