The path ahead

The Path Ahead

Sometimes the path just ahead looks too long,but the reward is not what’s at the end of the path,it’s the journey and experience of walking the path      unknown

Now that everyone of us suffering the effects of Corona Pandemic, what is the path ahead?

Looks like all of us have to undergo this experience as we move along the path ahead during our journey together.

Economic activities have come to a standstill.

Poor are suffering more.

All of us know that, our life can’t be smooth journey from now on.

But there is the ‘Hope’

“The path ahead in life is will be difficult but not impossible”     Pratibha Singh

What best we can do at this stage ?

Path ahead,steps

Focus on the path ahead of you,because you can’t do much about the path left behind you   Sonum Norbu

None of us are in a position to predict the outcome.

  • Till the whole confusion gets cleared and clarified, we have to continue to use the face masks, that too properly
  • Behavioral changes play an important role as to how fast we can control the infection and life can come back to what it was before
  • Maintain quarantine strictly
  • Resilience is important.
  • Healthcare system is going to be in for a drastic reformation
  • Let us do what we are supposed to do to survive this pandemic, helping each other to best of our abilities.

This post is in response to Rag tag community’s Daily prompt-  The path Ahead.          Check their web in case you are interested to participate

Thank you guys for the inspiration.

Thank you. Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

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  1. your's_Nomison
    June 9, 2020 at 5:27 pm

    Powerful post

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