“You cannot hide what the nose can smell” Anthony T Hincks

Kumbakonam Coffee

Love is in the air and it smells like coffee

Everybody knows about coffee and its aroma which is an experience itself.The joy of having a simple cup of coffee is unexplainable.

Researchers say coffee improves our cognitive abilities.

Aroma of coffee is the aroma of life..

It’s addiction and healing both…

Workaholics survive on it…

Bookworms grow with it…

Students revive from it…

Others just relish it… Moonwafture

What are the types of coffee ?

We are aware of the types of coffees like Espresso,Cappuccino,Americano,Cortada,Irish coffee,Galao,Lungo,Mocha,Ristretto and probably the list can go on.

But majority of you are not aware of Kumbakonam degree filter coffee’ ,

What is Kumbakonam Degree filter coffee ?

In star hotels it’s known as South Indian Filter Coffee.

In South India,especially in the State of Tamil Nadu, as far as the sense of smell is concerned, the first thing people remember is the aroma of Kumbakonam Coffee.

Filter coffee is an integral part of South Indian Culture,whereas in North India Tea (chai) is the beverage most popular.

What is that ‘degree’ to do with the coffee ?

There are many explanations as to how the Word ‘degree’ cropped up in the coffee.

  1. It is said that in 19 the century,one British collector of Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu State (India),liked the taste of the coffee so much that,he decreed that he should be served this coffee regularly and initially it was popular as ‘decree coffee‘ which later got converted to ‘degree coffee ‘
  • The ‘chicory’ content of the coffee was pronounced as ‘tikery’ which later became ‘degree’.
  • Milk was tested with lactometer for the quality and the ‘unit’ markings led to the name of ‘degree’ coffee.

How is the coffee served ?

Kumbakonam Coffee

The coffee is prepared in a brass filter and served in a brass tumbler set. ( BRASS tumbler and BRASS sauce with lipped walls )

How Kumbakonam Coffee is made ?

Check this clip

This post is in response to Ceen Photography’s Fun Photo Challenge-sense of Smell

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

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    Oh that coffee looks rich and strong. Excellent photos for this challenge. Thanks for playing along 😀

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