3C’s..Covid,Confinement & Conspiracy

Covid-conspiracy theories
People are always receptive to the idea of a conspiracy   James Cook
  1. C= Culprit ,in this case Corona
  2. C=  Confinement  in the form of Lock down
  3. C=  Conspiracy angle of Conspiracy theories

Read further….

With Covid causing lock down,our conspirator theorists are energized.

Rumor mills have started blooming and are running overtime.

Misinformation is enjoying it’s ride on the internet.

What is ‘conspiracy theory’ ?

Dictionary.Com defines it as ‘ A theory that rejects the standard explanation for an event and instead credits a covert group or organisation with carrying out a secret plot

And conspiracy theorists ?

Cambridge Dictionary says

Someone who believes in a Conspiracy theory (the idea that an event or situation is the result of a secret plan made by powerful people):

Is conspiracy a natural primate behavior?

I guess so.


1. 5 G mobile network spreads the virus

How does it happen ? 5 G alters people’s immune system and changes DNA,making one susceptible to infection.

This resulted in acts of vandalism occurred on 5 G wireless towers
2. Bio-weapon

Corona virus is a lab made bio weapon and escaped due to somebody’s mishandling of the virus and that the deep state is involved in its production.

Some conspiracy theorists blaming Bill Gates for creating this pandemic.

They are referring to Gates 2015 Ted talk,where in he was trying to bring awareness a pandemic that could happen.

People forget the fact that he is the largest donor of WHO,and helping under developed and developing countries and a visionary.

4. Bank Notes

Case study-UK £20 bank notes.

It’s said that new UK £ 20 banks notes has got image of Corona virus and also 5 G mask.

The fact is ,5 G tower symbol corresponds to a Lighthouse & the suspected corona image is based on staircase at Tate Britain Art Gallery
5. Busy in making a fortune in times of distress

Multinational are readying to make a killing in Corona vaccine sales.

The following link gives in depth analysis of the Covid misinformation.

Misinformation related to Covid Pandemic

What is your best response?

“I don’t know” is how I reply to people with conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. This avoids going down their rabbit hole.” Rupert Wolfe-Murray

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
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Image by Comfreak from Pixabay


15 thoughts on “3C’s..Covid,Confinement & Conspiracy

    1. Thank you Pankanzy.

      Agree.It is better to have fun rather than one becoming serious.
      Competition among conspiracy theorists have reached at its worst level.

      One more thing sir,all my comments in your posts are not being reflected,may be they are in your spam folder,I am not sure.


      1. Pleasure Is Mine 🤗🤗🤗
        Yes, Your Comments were automatically moved into spam folder. I don’t know why ? But Now I Moved Them To The All Folder. Thank You Very Much For Commenting Sir. Thanks for Supporting. I am really great ful 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  1. The conspiracy theories out there are getting as scary as they are funny.

    What people are overlooking though is that conspiracy theories naturally come about when government and the media blatantly lie to people. People are then left to fill in the blanks on their own. In the case of the epidemic, the response to questions about what’s going on have only served to further fuel the conspiracies.

    People who question anything that the WHO or government say are being lumped into the same category as David Icke level conspiracy nuts.

    Those same people are also being silenced on social media, YouTube, etc… MY understanding is that debate and (peaceful) dissent were supposed to be the hallmark of a healthy democracy. The REAL truth was also supposed to be something that could stand on it’s own without censorship.

    It’s not just average citizens either. Even Anthony Fauci’s former assistant has been dealing with this.

    Likewise, people just worried about paying their bills and providing for their families (thus wanting to return to work) are being lumped into the same category as nutcases calling up hospitals and accusing them of faking the virus completely. The facts regarding re-openings like here in Tennessee are being mis-reported also, with lies about COVID-19 flaring back up and people dying. Also that we’re just blindly throwing everything back open at once with no regard to public health.

    Herd Immunity and California having the virus months before it was “official” were both called wildly dangerous conspiracy theories also, but have proven true. The government’s efforts to say it was lockdowns that saved lives was laughable. I was there. California has a very lax policy. Restaurants remained open for take out, people could still shop at 80% of the stores out there, etc… Social distancing and masks helped. The lockdown was a joke except in Los Angeles where they wouldn’t even respect those limited rules.

    If the government and media are fighting THAT hard to kill free speech as a part of this mess, it’s no wonder people see illuminatti conspiracies.

    Oh and that thing about big pharma getting rich… Why do you think the malaria drugs proven to work have on COVID-19 have been attacked so vigorously? Patents are expired on those. I can also show you a link to the US Government National Library of Medicine where the patent on the 2003 strain of SARS (yes the actual disease) is held by an assortment of corporate doctors. That patent keeps anyone else from researching the disease or it’s cure.

    Yes, the disease is real. We should be just as afraid of official responses to it as the disease itself though.

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      1. Very true. It’s a shame that the complete crazies are muddying the waters of truth for those of us who just want to know what’s going on also.

        Unlike those crazies, I do NOT believe this was all manufactured or made up. I do believe that some government officials are making the most of the opportunity to increase their power though.

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          1. I don’t know that there is a “Deep State” by conspiracy theorist definitions. I see politicians here in the US from both political parties, at all levels of government, and varying levels of time as politicians, going power mad here. Same with those politicians trying to stand against it. *shrug*

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