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Team-work, simply stated,it’s less me and more We 

In the above photograph,what these people are up to ?

No no no,they are not into headbutting !

And we see all the heads coming together as a Team in unity.

This click is taken from a high position.

These people are Hindu priests. ( students ).

After the Prayer is completed,these young priests are busy picking up and distributing the sacred  ‘Akshata’ among themselves.

What is Akshata/Akshat ?

Akshata consists of uncooked unbroken raw rice mixed with turmeric powder or vermilion.


How Akshata is Used ?

In Hinduism,rice holds spiritual and ritual significance and rice is revered as a symbol of sustainability,prosperity & good health.

Preparing ‘Akshat’ represents one of the services of PUJA (Ritualistic worship of a deity). After Prayers Akshata is sprinkled on the heads of those attending / performing the Puja.

In Hinduism sprinkling,sipping & bathing are symbolic of purification.

On the festive occasions, Akshat is thrown over the  heads,stuck on the forehead of idols and also sent along with the invitations during marriage occasions.

Akshat is offered to the elderly by the younger,to be sprinkled on the heads of the young symbolizing the ‘Blessings’ for long & healthy life.

Significance of Akshata in Hindu Rituals

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

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    Educative article! I learnt something cultural today. Thank you for sharing.


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