Discover Prompts, Day 22: Tempo

tempo photography

This post is in response to Discover prompts,Day 22-tempo by Krista Stevens

What is Tempo ?

Cambridge Dictionary defines tempo as ‘the speed at which an event happens’

Photography is all about TEMPO and visual composition makes the difference. Shutter speed forms the important constituent.

Tempo Photography creates the mood

tempo photography

“Photography is a response that has to do with the momentary recognition of things.Suddenly you are alive.A minute later there was nothing there.I just watched it evaporate.You look one moment and there’s is everything,next moment it’s gone.Photography is very philosophical”    Joel Meyerowitz

Tempo Photography

What is that ‘Tempo’ teaches in Life,especially in the Corona pandemic?

“Today I accept the divine timing.I allow the pacing of the universe to be my own.I align myself with the tempo of my life precisely as it is unfolding”    Julia Cameron

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

Philosophy Through Photography

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