Discover Prompts, Day 15: Scent

Scent of rain

Some people feel the rain.Others just get wet      Bob Marley

To day’s post is in response to Discover Prompts- SCENT

OK. What is difference between Smell & Scent?

Smell is is sensation either pleasant or unpleasant,detected by inhaling the air that contains airborne molecules of a particular substance.’Aroma’ is used for pleasant smell.

While,Scent is a distinctive odor given off by a substance,an animal or a plant

The term ‘Fragrance’ is used for perfumes or a sweet smell’

‘Odor’ is said to be a stronger ‘scent’

What are the Types of scents ?

Scientists say there are approximately 144 odors derived from the olfactory atlas and from this 10 basic elements assessed.They are

  1. Fragrant (floral & Perfumes)
  2. Fruity (all non citrus fruits)
  3. Citrus ( Lemon,lime,orange)
  4. Woody & Resinous (pine & fresh cut grass)
  5. Chemical ( Ammonia,bleach)
  6. Sweet ( Chocolate,vanilla,caramel)
  7. Minty & peppermint (eucalyptus & camphor)
  8. Toasted & Nutty (popcorn,peanut butter,almonds)
  9. Pungent (blue cheese,cigar smoke)
  10. Decayed (rotting meat,sour milk )

sourceHuman nose can sense 10 basic smells

Any idea about Petrichor ?

I am sure all of us have experienced this Earthy Scent which is nothing but rain smell,which is my most favorite scent,a Heavenly experience !

I feel it is more powerful than touch & Taste sensations.

When those drops of summer rain falls on the hot ground,you are sure to feel that distinct odor known as Petrichor and the organic compound responsible for this odor is known as GEOSMIN,which is released in aerosol form,from the soil. the moment rain drops touch the soil.


Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏

Top image by PTP.

Image-below by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

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