“You need a little bit of insanity to do great things” Henry Rollins

Do you want to become Famous ?

You must be thinking or wondering that, in order to become famous,you must possess qualification,training,experience, gain talent to work in a famous institute etc etc.

My dear friend,there is no need for such things .

Welcome to the internet,where you can come across people doing crazy things and get fame in seconds !

Things have become much easier,simpler and appear cool.

It’s not a Rocket Science.

Just do idiotic things.

The greater dumb things you do ,the more famous you become and ‘super viral’ your ‘idiotic act’ becomes !

Whether it is your photo or video clip,display on the social media and just wait for wonders to happen !

( Don’t do dangerous things that can endanger your life and others too )

I am not going to discuss or refer the bizarre things people do & post on Instagram and other social media,since these acts are dangerous and disgusting.

Is being stupid is a new trend ?

I struggle to find an answer.Each one is right in their own way.

What I think stupid may be ingenious to others and vice versa.

Frankly I don’t have a perfect answer.

Why these kind of things happening ?

Because we all are sick of our routine life,since there is no humor left & life is depressing most of the times.

The present day psychology is as follows.

“Be crazy,be stupid,be silly,be weird,be whatever,because life is too short to be anything but happy” unknown

Recently I have come across a viral topic ,Moon-selfies,which is fortunately harmless as per everybody.This idea said to have started in 2014,suddenly became reactivated.

OK.Now you must be wondering……….

What is that Moon selfie to do with my blog title “Toilet Humor” ?

Right question .Now I come to the point.

Life is lot like a toilet paper.You’re either on a roll,or you’re taking shit from some asshole unknown

Any one with a smartphone and a toilet paper roll can become the moon,by pretending to be a moon.

What a fantastic idea !

How it is done?

Just stick your face at one end of a toilet roll and take a selfie from the other end.Initially you may experience some difficulty but quickly you can master and get that moon-shining face of yours.

You are excited that you are over the moon !

Not just your beautiful face,you can try this on your pets too as you notice in some Instagram photos,where birds and animals have become moons !

Kind attention !

You can’t do moon selfies these days because of acute shortage of toilet roll,courtesy Corona Virus !

Why Moon-selfies?

Probably people got bored of the routine ugly selfies and they started searching for ideas and somebody was brilliant enough to invent Moon selfies.Why ?

Moon & Beauty always go together.Moon always puts an elegant show.Poets are never tired of comparing woman’s beauty with that of Moon.

Explanation given by the people who admired their Moon-selfies are

  • Moon selfie gives confidence about your beauty.
  • Self pitying about your ugly looks vanishes.
  • Your self esteem gets high.
  • You are Moon personified.
  • You look like a celestial body !

Don’t blame anybody & Have a hearty laugh because these are all stupid thoughts due to our crazy brain working overtime and churning ideas !

Since you claim you look like Moon, you have a quote ready……

“The moon is the reflection of your heart & moonlight is the twinkle of your love” Debashish Mridha

Being crazy is the real Mantra ?

Absolutely !

Believe me,nothing is more beautiful than to carry out crazy ideas.I’d like my whole life to be one single crazy idea. Milan Kundera

Please share your views.

Thank you.Namaste 🙏🏻
Philosophy Through Photography

Disclaimer-This article is written on a lighter note regarding human behavior & just to bring the awareness regarding the weird acts people,who post on the internet to become famous in seconds.Some acts are harmless and some can endanger the life.Readers discretion is advised.

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    Being Stupid Is The New Being Religious

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