Time to Introduce ‘Namaste’ to the world πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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In these days of ‘Corona Virus’ scare,’TOUCH ME NOT’ has become a new norm.

Hmm…no more handshakes,no more simple hugs,bear hugs,kisses on the cheeks/lips,rubbing the noses,toe tapping or elbow bumping !

To control spread of corona virus,WHO recommended

  1. Frequent & thorough washing of hands.
  2. Social distancing (three feet) and
  3. Not touching eyes,nose and mouth in order to stop spread of the virus.

And many jokes & memes are becoming popular in the social media,the wayΒ  people & politicians making funny gestures…. some insulting and a few resulting in embarrassing moments.

Then how else to greet a person ? How to show respect ?

Indian way of greeting the other comes handy.

Corona Virus is changing the way the world says ‘Hello”

And surprisingly ‘Namaste’ is going viral !

Let us dwell into the Indian custom of greeting people with ‘Namaste’ and it’sΒ  perfect meaning.

Just one simple gesture ‘Namaste’ and the job of greeting the other person done !

Namaste,namaskar or Namaskaram is a customary Indian way of Greeting people.

How to do Namaste ?

It’s very simple.

Namaste is expressed with a slight bow and hands pressed together and palms touching and fingers pointing upwards and thumbs close to chest.

In Hinduism it means ‘ I bow to the Divine in you ‘

β€œNamaste means that whatever is precious and beautiful in me honors whatever is precious and beautiful in you.”  Β  Debasish Mridha

Get an idea by watching this just 2 minute clip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encouraged his countrymen to adopt ‘Namaste’ – the Indian way of greeting – instead of the normal handshake as one of the measures to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Even Indonesian authorities have recommended ‘Namaste’.

Long before epidemiologists recommended stopping of the virus/bacteria spread by body contacts,Indian ancestors invented the gesture of ‘Namste’ .Hats off !

In ‘Namaste’ body contact is avoided at the same time expression of respect maintained.

Namaste can be applied to both Hello & Goodbye.

Many times hand-shakes & hugs have become embarrassing in certain situations( for ladies ),and ‘Namaste’ comes handy.

Thank you my friends

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  1. March 11, 2020 at 8:11 am

    You brought out very timely and apt advice. It is amazing, that ancient had understood the concept of disease spread through contact, so early and so well.

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  2. March 11, 2020 at 8:44 am

    Thank you Sandomina. Appreciate taking your time in giving feedback.True what you said,unfortunately Indians feel shy to popularise / follow these time tested wisdom in these days of so called ‘Modern World’


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