Happy ‘Leap Birthday’

Leap year,
‘Every journey begins with a single hop’

February 29 th is a special date to be born

Since this day comes once in four years, don’t feel sad & all the more you have a strong reason to  make it a super great day.

Astrologers believe that people born on Feb 29 have  exceptional talents and personalities.

The greatest advantage is you don’t become old at the end of every year instead once in four years !

For those born on this day, wishing a “Happy Leap Year ” & ” Happy Birthday “

Leap year also give rest of us an advantage too.We get an extra day in this year, so better not to waste this day.Enjoy this extra which ever way you want but spend it usefully,since life is too short.

When does a leap year happen ? 

Leap year occurs every four years.They happen when the Earth takes an extra day to ‘Leap’ the Sun to avoid collision. ( Have a hearty laugh,just joking )

The reason there’s a February 29 is because it takes a full day to explain what the hell a leap year is !   someecards

Can Leap year be a crazy year ?

More likely.

1.Today is a leap year and women are supposed to pluck up some courage and propose to their man! Guys will be avoiding their woman today.   Unknown

2.We come across people who are born on 29 th February.Are there any chances of the same people dying on 29 th February ? According to world Heritage Encyclopedia,the British born James Milne Wilson was born on February 29,1812 and died on February 29 1880.

3.Happy Leap Day ! I have an 84-year old friend who is celebrating his 21 st birthday today.He can finally drink alcohol today.    unknown

4.Do you know leap year Capital ? The twin cities of Anthony,Texas & Anthony,New mexico are the self proclaimed leap year capital of the world.They hold 4 day leap year festival that includes birthday parties for leap year babies. source-Cleveland.com

It’s a leap year.One day extra.One extra Pizza,one more lie,one extra ounce of oxygen.It’s for you to live that extra day.Extremely extravagant gift,for you to understand that your journey is not yet over.  PpB

Thank you.

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