Is friendship a ‘fraud’ on people ?

Fooling oneself on Friendship
” I asked God to protect me from my enemies and I started losing my friends ” unknown          Duy Pham   unsplash

Can friendship be forever ?

Friendship is said to be one of the best things to happen in ones life.

Every time you think  of your friends, you  remember the saying ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’

There are many similar quotes & sayings about worthiness of being a Friend & how to maintain the friendship etc and the BFF philosophy.

Some even said friends are an extended family.

Do you really think friendship lasts life long ?

But what actually happens ?

Well…….We all have two worlds….Dream world & Real world.

In the Dream World

“Death is possible any time,
Love is possible some time,
Marriage is possible one time,
But real friend like you is possible once in a life time.”   Unknown

Exaggeration at its peak ! Take it easy.

In the real world

The truth is

“I didn’t lose a friend.I just realized I never had one”    Unknown

It’s hard to find a genuine friend in this world.Mark my word.

Why don’t you realize that friendship changes from time to time and year to year ? Best friends you had previous year may not be the same this year.

The best friend you have this year won’t be true friend in real sense.

The so called bond between the friends too changes in intensity as times flies.Friends owe you nothing.All of them are judgmental.

Then why you feel bad if you don’t have a permanent friend ?

You are better off as an introvert rather than disappointed and getting depressed and pondering what went wrong by whom,who broke the friendship first  etc. etc.

Majority of your friends ignore your view point.Your friends make use of you to the extent you are useful to them.You are easily dispensable and thrown into the dust bin.

My feeling is 99% of the friendship is just show off ! Doesn’t serve any purpose and somewhere you feel good without friends.At least you can be at peace.

Friends don’t bring you the’Feel good’ instead bring you anger,hatred,jealous,frustration  and depression.

“There is some self interest behind every friendship.There is no friendship without self interest.This is a bitter truth“. Chanakya.

What is your experience, my friend ?

Don’t you agree that the idea of friend and friendship is rubbish since soon we all get disappointed as majority show their true colors and we have to fend ourselves.

So true friendship is a myth ?

Yes .Believe in me.

Friendship is a toxic waste of time.Friendship is an illusion ( Maya )

So who can be your best friend in the end ?

Just look into the mirror.

“I myself am the only friend I have.” Terence

Please share your views whether friendship is a fraud on people.I appreciate.

Thank you.

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21 thoughts on “Is friendship a ‘fraud’ on people ?

  1. In my view you cant generaize your statement.Yes,there may be some bad cases of friendship but you cant call it a fraud.To have good friends is imp in your life and if you a good human being,God will surely give you a worthy friend. And if are not a good human being, why regret for anything.

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    1. Well Philo,first let me tell you that there is no cost to being a good human being and there is no criteria too.
      To be a good human being, one needs to be honest,kind,helpful,trustworthy and clean value based person.Your good upbringing can only make you good human being. Its like a binary system.Either you are a good human being or a bad human being.Nothing in between.

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      1. I am again saying, you dnt have to wonder for paying any cost to being a good human being.This quality is priceless
        and it will always pay you dividend in the long run.If you find someone like this,grab him/her!

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  2. There is a true friendship that lasts forever..I saw some people who had sincere friends..but for relationships are superficial..I feel comfortable in superficial relationships..

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  3. I completely disagree with you. Friendship is when you know there is someone when you knock answers the door. Friendship is when you call at even 3am and the friend attends the call. Friendship doesn’t need daily conversations just two understanding hearts who knows they will stand by each other no matter what.
    All others comes under the bracket ‘ Acquaintances ‘.
    There is nothing superficial about it. You know them and they know you. But with a friend even after 10 years of Gap you continue the conversation just like as you did 10 years back.
    Friend ship not a commitment but an assurance.

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    1. I wish and pray your definition of friendship VS acquaintance remains in true spirits.
      But the experience of the population expressed on all the social media begs to differ.What could be the reason ? I don’t have the perfect answer.
      Thanks for stopping by and sparing your precious time.


  4. Friends, no matter how deep the friendship nor how long, are always going to have differences or even need to withdraw from each other for a time on and off through the friendship. If they are truly friends, it will always work out. I feel that way about everyone I know, love life included. We are human, and as such, subject to human frailties/foibles. It is all good in the end. Thank you for the good post.


    1. Thank you Anne Copeland for your thoughts.Agree,if the friendship is true and worthy,it survives all the obstacles.Unfortunately it is difficult to find such true friendship since people change over the time.I am not complaining,but this is the way of life.My point is one has to help oneself and ultimately,not to expect,presume or assume things because so and so is my friend etc.Nobody cares anybody !


  5. YOu can get through anything if you have a good friend. But friendship is a rather selfish concept if one strips it down. We are kind and empathic and helpful to others, we care about others, because we gain their friendship, loyalty and help in return. If folks are not caring, kind or interested in supporting you, we terminate the friendship, don’t we?

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    1. Thank you Forestwood for taking your time.Appreciate.Being kind and empathic etc defines true human aspects,but unfortunately we humans always expect something in return,as you rightly put it,but this results in disappointments and break in friendship.I always wonder…..why make friendship at all only to be dejected later.Friendship is said to be mutual trust which unfortunately doesn’t exist in real sense since every one has priorities (selfish).May be definition of friendship needs to be redefined.Thanks again


      1. Fruedship is a dynamic and constantly evolving concept. We were continually reassessing whether we are in our out. Those friendships that we value and would like to be longer term tend to last longer and w are disappointed when they don’t. Similar values and levels of intelligence is often the glue that keeps people together.


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