Contemporary Art-What you understand after seeing,if you are not an artist ?

Contemporary art

“A Picture is worth a thousand words-particularly if you can’t read “. Harry Hershfield            Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

All of us can’t be artists

As a layman,I always wonder is there any subtle message in the contemporary art.

At first glance I am able to make out colors & brush strokes and the art appears colorful and I am confidant that, I can come out with some message as I continue to imagine the possibilities.A kind of challenge to my brain.

Are art & design different or same ? My small brain not able to decipher.

I understand that the contemporary art resonates with the soul of the artist and has much deeper meaning.

I agree with the thoughts of the artist, and one must think about what exactly the artist is trying to convey.It gives immense pleasure if you can derive your own meaning and the artist is truly delighted.

Is it a good idea if the viewer is not sure of what the art conveys ?

I feel the viewer should come out with their own thoughts instead of pondering.

If you still can’t understand ,you can always check with the Artist and get enriched regarding the artist’s thought process.

Probably interpretation of the art by you depends on how intelligent you are !

Please share your thoughts on Modern art & Contemporary art and any methods to interpret the meaning.

Some lighter moment-

Dave walks into an Art Gallery

Dave: I suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call modern art ?

Art Dealer: I beg your pardon sir,that is a mirror.

Your views and thoughts very much appreciated.

Thank you .

Philosophy Through Photography


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