What makes you angry ?

can you control anger ?
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One can come out with million reasons as to why,one gets angry.

Well, we all get angry and upset,if our expectations are far below than what we imagine.

But why anger chemicals are triggered in the brain ? I don’t know.Scientists say Amygdala of brain is responsible for this kind of emotion.

Anger is inborn and expressed,right from the day you are born.

Cambridge Dictionary says anger as

‘a strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened’.

Can you Control Anger ?


So say all the sages, but nobody has given you the exact reason why one becomes angry in the very first place,because prevention is better than cure !!

On lighter note…It is said one gets angry because of the stupidity of the other.Humanly it’s impossible to control anger.

You tube videos tell a lot about anger control mechanism.

There are many books on anger management.

Time immemorial,saints,gurus and wisdom teachers bombard you with steps to be taken.

People advise you to do some counting or breathing etc etc to bring down the anger.

Well wishers say because of your anger your health is deteriorating.

People try to avoid you because you get anger very fast.

You may be advised to undergo psycho therapeutic management.

Advises similar to …’think before you speak’ etc pour in plenty.

TEDx talk show case can help you understand anger in less than 18 minutes.It’s said less glucose to the brain results in more aggressiveness.

Are you aware of the term’ Hangry’ ? It’s a state of anger caused by lack of food.May evoke negative change in emotional state.Jokingly it’s said ‘Feed me or I’ll kill you”

Is getting anger abnormal ?

My friend, anger is part of human life.

All of us forget is that anger is completely healthy & normal.

It’s a human emotion and you just can’t avoid being angry.

It’s OK to be angry.

Benefits of anger

You may laugh for this.

Don’t get me wrong here.Anger has benefits too.

  • You get perfect opportunity to feel bad initially about your anger.
  • Followed by as to why you were angry.
  • And now you are in a position to reason it out.
  • Finally It eases your pent up pressure.
  • And you can avoid anger in future, in similar situations.
  • You evolve as a better person.
  • By evolving as a better person ,you are not giving an opportunity  to your body to produce harmful hormones.

How to control anger ?

No need to control your anger.

The only thing required at that moment is to bring down the intensity of your anger.

Any advice ?

My only solution is having a ‘Better communication’ & better reasoning.’

” Anybody can become angry – that is easy.

But to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way,that is not within everybody’s power and not easy” Aristotle

Please check this link.

Anger is one letter short of Danger

Please share your thoughts.I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you
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6 thoughts on “What makes you angry ?

  1. I’ve actually started a draft about anger. Be on the lookout for it. I agree with some of these resources, some I don’t…but don’t be angry with me for it 🙂


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