Random act of kindness day Feb 17

“Kindness is free, let’s pass it on”    unknown

Why we fail in showering kindness ?

Most of the times,we are busy with our work schedule or we are in our own world and find no time to look beyond.

We get angry fast,because we feel we are not successful in life,based on our comparisons to others and are busy whining.

Social media addiction bringing jealousy,hatred,cruelty,harshness,sadism and converting us inhospitable.

We are becoming hostile to family members,neighbors,friends and strangers.we are becoming mean.

We don’t have time for anything since we are busy thinking how to become rich fast,busy posting selfies on Instagram, struggling to increase the number of friends & follows on major Social media platforms.

And we have the habit of saying “Either I am not finding time” or “F**k off  kind of stuff.

Strangely, we don’t hesitate to murmur,whenever the thought comes to us that people are rude and devoid of the politeness.

For those of you, who wish to change the world,why can’t you be the change?

Random act of kindness day’ is celebrated for this same reason and we can spread the joy of happiness by being kind to others.

Not necessarily poking into others affairs,but being helpful,kind and compassionate.

We can spread good vibes around us by making someone else’ feel good ‘ by our simple act in the form of kindness.

All the religions teach us to be kind and compassionate.

In fact everyday, one must show kindness to fellow human beings.This gesture gives us a total satisfaction mentally.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing spread kindness all around you,more so with a stranger.

Remember there are people who are less luckier than you,for no fault of theirs.

” Too often we underestimate the power of a touch,a smile,a kind word,a listening ear,an honest compliment,or the smallest act of caring , all of which have the potential to turn a life around”. Leos Buscaglia

Listens to Phil Collins ‘Another day in Paradise’ and have a meaningful day.

Thank you.
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16 thoughts on “Random act of kindness day Feb 17

  1. Changes in anything starts with one step. We as individuals might not be able to change the entire world, but we just might be able to change the entire world of one person. One simple act of caring to one person is all it takes.

    I do it; you do it; we do it; the world does it.

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  2. Thank you for this meaningful and heartfelt post! Indeed, I think we all need more of such reminders of our own humanity in our rushed everyday lives that are too focused on solving the problems we create for ourselves. It’s a matter of one’s mindset, I believe, and that is no easy thing to change. Yet, most of those who have tried will probably agree that one of the best ways to help yourself is by helping others. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in this post.

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