29 reasons to hate’Love’

Reasons to hate 'love'

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Plato said

“Love is a great mental disease”

Why it is so ?

You can’t see flaws in the person.

you lose focus and distracted.

Love makes you lose sleep.

Love strangulates you

What is Love
Relationships are ropes,Love is a noose    Durzo Blint

Love increases your heart rate.Heart pounds without reasoning.

Love makes you lose commonsense.

Love  can make  you lose track of your time.

Love can make  you sad.

Love can hurt you.

Love can waste your life’s time.

Love can destroy you.

Love can make you a rebel.

Love can turn ugly.

Love can betray you.

Pure love concept is a fraud on people.

Unconditional love utterly disappoints you since all of us have expectations.

Love can be costly.

Love is one side in most of the situations and you go into depression.

Love can make you lose support from your near and dear.

Love can make you possessive.

Love makes you jealous.

Love makes you a cheat.

Love can be challenging.

Love can be tiring.

Love can make you lose your identity.

Love can make you float in the air making you a stupid soul.

Love converts you into an idiotic poet for no reason.

Love makes you dance to its tunes.

Love exhausts you.

I can go on and on…..


‘Love’ is a mesmerizing feeling & Life without Love is not possible.

Love is loved,adored and admired !!

That is the ‘charm’ of love !

Some interesting quotes on Love & Romance and which one is true ?

1.”Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke”    Lynda Barry

2.”Deceiving others.That is what the world calls a romance”   Oscar Wilde

Please share your views on love.

Thank you. Namaste  🙏🙏🙏


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  1. Nice one, thanks for posting this. One of those eternal topics, love, isn’t it 🙂 reminds me of a line in M.J. Blige song about love saying that it is an excuse for dying and reason to live. How can we describe something so all-encompassing… Thanks for posting!


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