Can you answer ?( Question series no-44 )

I don't give a hoot

I’m not gonna worry about what people think about me. I’m too busy. I don’t give a hoot. Cyndi Lauper

Life has always been cruel.

Society including your dear & near ones, always enjoy putting down,judging or belittling you or others and get the sadistic pleasure out of this.

You come across many situations ,where in you have to swallow your pride and keep quite by shutting your mouth.

You are helpless and at the mercy of the Hell, who knows ?

Is it possible to say F**k off….in real life ?

If it is so…at what stage ?

Have you faced any such breaking point,where you boldly said ‘Enough is enough’ in spite of knowing that you are vulnerable ?

Any tips you would like to share ?

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography



  1. I usually don’t say much. I find that it’s a good policy. I want no conversation of any kind with most people. After all, just get them talking and most won’t be quiet anyway. Less work and they usually like you because you don’t interrupt them. However, if driven to the point of annoyance, say what you want. Hell, in this day and age, they’ll probably enjoy the truth for a change. Even if they don’t, I bet when they tell one of their friends about it, the friend will smirk and possibly laugh when they’re not around. Haha. Good post. Hoot! Hoot!

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