Can you answer ?( Question series no-43 )

Can you answer ? ( question series no-43 )
“The person who says it can not be done,should not interrupt the person,who is doing it” Chinese proverb

Disclaimer: This question is for mature people above 25 yrs of age

1.Is porn watching a must for a happy relationship and happy married life ??

2.Is it true that …it relieves of one’s stress ? 🤔🤔

3.What was life like before it came into existence ?

Thank you.
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19 thoughts on “Can you answer ?( Question series no-43 )

  1. I watch it sometimes and my partner has admitted he does. Mainly when we are not together though. I think with anything if it becomes an addiction, whether or not you’re single or in a relationship. It’s always unhealthy.

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  2. There is no right or wrong answer for your first two questions.It will vary from one person to another.If one can maintain a balance it could be good.But if its become an addiction,it may be bad for married life.Its all about balance in life.
    I want to know what do you think aabout watching Porn?

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  3. I have been with my husband for 25 years and there is no porn in our life. My boyfriend before him had a big issue with it. The difference between the two men, the boyfriend had a low self esteem, the husband has a high self esteem. The boyfriend objectified women where as the husband does not.

    I have no idea on #2 other than a lame excuse to watch porn and well, you know.

    Before the capturing of the nude in any medium, humanity lived in the dark ages. Or at least the anglo-saxon Europeans did. I see nothing wrong with nudity or the inherent beauty of the human form. As one who attends Burning Man, where nudity is the norm, I explained how I view the human body to a friends husband. “There are two types of naked, human naked and sexual naked. I choose to see human naked. I do not objectify the body, but see a soul in a form, an amazing perfect form regardless of what it presents. I have no need to go fuck the form, touch the form, stare at the form, compare the form to others form, or photograph the form. It just is.”

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    1. Thank you so much M.Shannon Reddoch for taking your time and giving me detailed reply.
      What an absolute truth you revealed !
      Perfect clarification !
      Enriched indeed.
      1. Beautifully you made me understand Low esteem vs High esteem and it’s impact on the relationships and mentality of objectifying women.
      2.Regardind point two….I agree with you, it’s nothing but a silly excuse to hide one’s helpless compulsions and addiction.
      3. What a mature explanation you gave regarding nudity in media !
      And how one can look at Human naked vs Sexual naked.

      Seeing the perfection in God’s creation is all that one needs.

      Thank you soooo much for the enlightenment.

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