Happy ‘Leap Birthday’

February 29 th is a special date to be born Since this day comes once in four years, don’t feel sad & all the more you have a strong reason to  make it a super great day. Astrologers believe that people born on Feb 29 have  exceptional talents and personalities. The greatest advantage is you don’t become old at the […]

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Can you answer ?( Question series no-45 )

extramarital affair

Disclaimer– Read only if you are  a mature adult. There are two simple questions, begging for straight answers. 1.Do you agree that Majority of spouses,if given an opportunity tend to cheat, because of unexpected but temporary amnesia for those Sacred Vows ? 2.It’s true that the ‘thrill’ one gets can only be Experienced and can not be ‘Expressed’ ? Thank […]

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