‘With no expectations,Love Blossoms’

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More and more it’s deliciousness I want but all the time there’s less of it.                      Deborah Landau,

‘With no expectations,Love blossoms’

Don’t you agree that this statement is unrealistic and opposite of the very basic nature of human being ?

We all know love can’t be unconditional.

Should not the statement be ‘ Love blossoms only if expectations are fulfilled’ !!

Love is a ‘verb’.So you have to be all the time saying ‘I love you’ or simply you must be doing some activities which Convey that you are always showering love.As a noun also you should go on remembering yourself that you are in love with the person.However I am not into gramatical discussion of usage of the term’Love’

People say:Never expect anything in return from anyone.But the truth is when we really love someone,we naturally expect a little care and love from them unknown

What is your opinion ? Do you agree ?

Please share your views.

Thank you.
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15 thoughts on “‘With no expectations,Love Blossoms’

  1. I married to my best friend 38 years ago. We married because our love blossomed, that was effortless. Our love was and still is unconditional, but that’s not to say we take each other for granted. Love isn’t a fairy tail, it’s hard work requiring empathy, forgiveness, understanding, compassion and compromize.

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          1. But isn’t this a contradiction? Doesn’t love somebody unconditionally mean precisely that the other one can take you for granted?

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            1. Yeah…there is contradiction.
              But this particular situation appears to be a kind of mutual understanding……kind of dare not but still love you🤔🤔 eternally ! So what is the definition of ‘unconditional love’ at the end ?🤔


              1. Of course. This particular situation is nice; no doubt about that. Just let’s not call it unconditional love since it’s not. Now, what unconditional love is? I don’t think such a thing exist. It would be if you would love the other person independently of who he or she is or does, or becomes. You love the person itself. Is such a case possible? And after all, in general to love somebody, it also depends on your capability to love. Nothing guarantees though that you will always be capable to love.


                1. Thanks Lazaros again.So the term’ uncondional love’ is unwarranted.Though one is capable of loving or be loved….but can’t expect ‘unconditional love’ since the term is a sort of ‘hype’ to misguide the youth, that such thing exists !


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