Can you answer ?( Question series no-41 )

Can you answer ( question series 41 )
Since sex got easier to get,Love got harder to find

1. Is love more attractive or sex more attractive ?

2. Which overrides the other eventually ?

3. Which is easier to get ?

Thank you.
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9 thoughts on “Can you answer ?( Question series no-41 )

  1. Sex done with love and with the person u love is more attractive.
    We cant get tired of loving someone..but sex may wear you out eventually😄
    We can get paid sex but cant get paid love or forced love…

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    1. Both are attractive initially. Sex can be got easily when both the partners are in love or from people who offer you sex as part of their jobs provided you can afford them. Love overrides sex any day. Sex becomes monotonous after a certain point of time but love is a forever craving feeling and emotion.

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      1. Thank you Savitha.Agree what all you say except love overrides sex.To be precise there is no such thing called love.Love what we all see in this world is nothing but Selfish only a part of this selfish love.There is no such thing as ‘true love ‘


    2. Well said Meenawalia.At one stage both Love & sex get exhausted and drained out.No surprise people look for new Avenues.Though mature people may deny this…..but it’s the fact of life.
      Love is unique compared to sex and as you rightly pointed out love can not be purchased or can be demanded.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

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