Blog this way…..not that way !!

Blog this way....not that way

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspirations,the rest of us just get up and go to work Stephen King

What is the philosophy behind blogging ?

To blog is to create,to connect,to share,to learn,to inspire and get inspired.
Blogging is a more flexible medium.

Here the you can express your emotions,share your life’s experience with blogging community,get clarifications for your doubts,enrich your knowledge,meet more friends of similar wave length,exchange ideas etc.etc.

The greatest advantage is…

  • Time is all yours
  • You can prepare the article leisurely
  • Develop common interest with other bloggers
  • Be more inspirational and encouraging
  • Bringing happiness and smile to everyone involved
  • You learn a lot and spread your knowledge too, a kind of win-win situation
  • You also get relaxed and satisfied

Any disadvantages ?

  • You may get irritated for the lack of ideas
  • Unhappy when you come across articles opposite of your ideology and principles
  • Disturbed (trolls)
  • You put unreasonable demands on yourself thus subjected to stress.
  • You may not sleep peacefully since you keep up a tight schedule to post articles.
  • And your mind is agitated constantly because you have to post more articles.
  • May have marital disputes,since you spend all time in thinking about blog topics.
  • At one stage you may go in for ‘writers block’

Finally you decide…..

“O.K let me take a chance and plunge into the ‘blogging ocean‘. After all it’s not do or die situation and I am a good swimmer ”

Now the question arises…..

How to blog ?

This is million dollar question.

You are enthusiastic.You wish to be heard.
You realized that blogging is the easiest way to reach millions.

Then you are stuck.
you are not sure of the topic,and most of the topics are already discussed, dissected,questioned and deciphered.

Even if you decide to write a post you are not sure how much inspirational,it is going to be.

You can not afford to be amateurish.
People may laugh at you and even ignore you.
You may get depressed.

Some times you may be encouraged by the fellow bloggers to perform better.
You become energized.
Now you became bold.

you want more likes,more comments and unlimited number of follows and you are exited to achieve these goals.Now you are in a dream world !

You wish is to achieve these impossible tasks in the shortest time possible.You struggle for ideas.How to proceed ? ?

That is where you can utilize the principle of Beg,Barrow & Steal

Go through as many blog articles as possible,find out the various material available in tune with your interests,amalgamate the thought processes. Finally Come out successfully with your own ideas.

OMG! Is that the way you advice budding bloggers?

Come on my friend,don’t be mean.

I never recommended plagiarism.

Have patience and go through the Wise men’s quotes at the end.

3 Benefits of Beg-Barrow-Steal

1. It can be innovative ,by mixing ideas.

2. Recycling the available knowledge pool can give you more creativity.

3. Creative Commons license allows you to use its contents and you can come out with best articles.

Remember Never,never indulge in Plagiarism

Don’t forget to give credit to the authors,from whom you gained confidence and the required knowledge.

Now coming to the Wise Men’s wise counsel

If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism.If you steal from many it is research. ‘Wilson Mizner

Good writers borrow from other writers.Great writers steal from them outright. ‘Aaron Sorkin’

Good artists copy,great artists steal.Plano Picasso’

If you have reached this point, I am thankful and appreciative of your patience.


“Your ultimate consumers are your users,not search engines”   Google’s SEO starter guide

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

Inspiration-Mellisa Breau, Jon Morrow Image-pixabay derivative

Thank you

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20 thoughts on “Blog this way…..not that way !!

  1. I learn lots from other blogs, and not just from their content. I learn about different layouts, organisation, topics, themes, challenges. I sometimes reblog too, with full credit to the original author. Overall, other people’s blogs are a rich source of inspiration as well as enjoyment, including your own 👍👍

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      1. I must give more thought to photography and philosophy ……see how I’ve learned from your blog! I write quite a bit about wine and philosophy, but I need to think more when we are travelling and I take lots of photos. The concept of mindfulness comes to mind so that I don’t just “snap” lots of things without considering what I’m actually looking at a lot more. 👍

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  2. How many posts that I’ve written have been inspired from reading posts by other bloggers? I don’t know, but blogging is a community for sure. The sharing and reading of different ideas and thoughts that get added to and written again, all from a new perspective.

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  3. Reading the work of others should be enjoyable and a way to grow one’s own creativity. But to copy another’s work and not give them credit for it is the worst thing a writer can do. Not only is it inappropriate but it ruins the copy cat’s reputation. This is an excellent post!

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