Thoughts From The Wilderness – Lost In A Crowd

Thank you Glenmckenzie for this thought provoking And inspiring article.
‘If we “feel lost in a crowd”, then we probably are “lost in the crowd.”
What a perfect quote !


Ever feel lost in a crowd?

A place or setting where you are indistinguishable from everyone else?

2020eYou kind of end up feeling you’re simply just a number and perhaps at times even less than a number.

Unfortunately, it can be a feeling we often get.

And that’s the point, it is simply at times a “feeling.”

And I get that the “feeling” can be exceedingly strong and in some instances can be perpetrated and reinforced by and in the situation you find yourself.

Although these wildflowers look almost identical, closer inspection would reveal that each one has individual characteristics about them.

There are differences and although they might be only slight ones at that, there are differences for sure.

Size of the flower head; perhaps the number of petals may be different or there may be slight variations in colour.

The point is that they are not all the…

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